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Best Hedging Plants to Use for Your Property’s Privacy

Creative outdoor landscape design has been on the trend these days. But, did you know that you can actually use your plants to provide your property with some privacy? Hedging plants are the perfect solution to give your lawn a visually appealing blueprint while keeping your family safe from unwanted guests. 

Hedging plants can form a row with planned spacing to mark the boundary of your property. Most homeowners are using this technique to make a natural vibe in their places. For most of them, there’s nothing more fulfilling than to enjoy their yard with a beautiful environment. Moreover, a hedge can bring fresh air and prevent floods and soil erosion from happening. 

However, choosing the right hedging plants for your outdoor area can be quite challenging. They come in different types (plants, shrubs, or trees), shapes, and sizes. Choosing the appropriate combination that is suitable for your style and taste is vital because it is you who will enjoy your outdoor space, in the end. Additionally, you also need to consider their maximum height, maintenance and spacing. 

Fret not since Trees Down Under is here to provide you with some tips on what are the best hedging plants for your property’s privacy.

Flowering Plants

Flowering plants are perfect when you want to enhance the beauty of your lawn. There’s nothing more refreshing than to see blooming coloured flowers, especially in summer. Here are some stunning flowers that you can mark your property with:


Murraya, or also known as orange jessamine, is a popular flowering plant for hedging. Its white and fragrant flowers are perfect in creating a balance in a green environment. It can grow from 1.5 to 4 metres tall with the right amount of sunlight and care. You don’t have anything to worry about its maintenance since it can resist most pests and diseases.

Cascade Lilly Pilly

If you want a bright pink or crimson flowering plant, then Cascade Lilly Pilly is the right one for you. It can reach up to 3 metres tall in full sun to part shade. Its crimson berries attract birds, or you can make jams and jellies out of them. 


Bluebeard can grow with purple, blue, or white flowers. It is a perfect addition to the harmony and colour vibe in your outdoor space. Tolerant to dry and humid conditions, this fast-growing flowering plant can still enhance your garden even in winter. 


Shrubs are perennial plants that have woody branches above the ground, unlike herbaceous plants. Their multiple stems and heights make them different from trees. They can grow from 6 to 10 metres tall, which is perfect as hedging plants for your property’s privacy. Here are some of the popular shrubs for your backyard:


Also known as Buxus, Boxwood is the most popular hedging plant for gardeners. Characterised by its small leaves and lush evergreen foliage, it can create a tight and formal hedging style.  

Furthermore, it is relatively pest and disease resistant, so you don’t have anything to worry about its maintenance. Also, it is the right choice if you want to make a topiary like what you see in the garden of a royal palace. 


Viburnums can quickly grow in moist and well-drained soil under sunny or partly shaded areas. Some species are drought-tolerant. But, during hotter seasons, they will require additional water to survive. 


There’s nothing more perfect than trees if you want a high fence for security purposes. With the right planning and spacing, you can use trees to prevent unwanted guests from trespassing and build a natural vibe in your yard at the same time. You can choose these following hedging trees: 


If you think about it, you can probably see bamboo trees in the forest. However, you can also use them as hedging plants. It is the perfect kind if you opt for a natural vibe in your yard. It grows quick, thick, and bushy, assuring good privacy.  Moreover, it has a relaxing nature sound whenever the wind blows. 


Arborvitae, being an evergreen, can withstand different climate conditions. It can also last for several hundreds of years, which makes it a perfect kind of tree as a hedge in your property. Its unique shape of a wider bottom and tapered top can grow from 3 to 18 metres, depending on its variety. You need to consider proper spacing, especially at the bottom part, for aesthetics and security of your place. 

Spruce Tree

A spruce tree has a pyramidal shape, which can enhance the overall design of your outdoor. It can grow from 20 to 60 metres tall, but you can choose the smaller ones since it is just for your lawn. Make sure to use moist soil and fertilise it regularly for proper growth. 


If you want a visually appealing garden and a safe home, you can use hedging plants to protect your property’s privacy. Make sure to choose the best kind of plants, shrubs or trees depending on the overall concept of your lawn. Also, take care of them properly with the right soil, fertiliser, and maintenance. 

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