A Perfect Tree and Gardening Solution in Dural

Want a front yard that’s the talk around the neighbourhood? Trees Down Under can assist you with that. We are your reliable company in providing garden and tree solutions that others will envy. We have landscape professionals and licensed arborists with the right tools and equipment. They can deal with the dangers and difficulties of tree removal, tree maintenance, and garden renovations.

Garden Makeover Services in Dural

Trees Down Under offers garden makeovers to enhance the exterior spaces of your home or commercial establishments. We guarantee that we will leave your property 100x better than its initial appearance through our various garden renovation services. These include turf laying, plant selection and design, wall retaining, and garden edging services. You can also customise your garden with us by adding personalised features like patios, garden table sets, stone pathways, and other ideas you can think of.

Tree Removal Services in Dural

We take pride in our team of highly qualified arborists who conduct tree removal services in Dural. Our trained tree experts know the different tree species in the area and abide by the local council regulations to avoid getting penalised. More than that, we also ensure that we perform tree removal jobs in the safest and most efficient manner possible to prevent any accidents and damages to property.

Garden and Tree Maintenance in Dural

Trees Down Under is genuinely concerned about the condition and health of trees, plants, and garden aesthetics in Dural. That’s why we offer maintenance services to ensure that the trees and plants in your property are well taken care of. We provide mulching and fertilising services as well as hedge trimming and tree pruning, all for the health benefit of your trees and plants.

Green Waste Removal in Dural

Green waste is one of the challenging and arduous types of rubbish to collect and dispose of, but with us, you have nothing to worry about. We offer green waste removal to help you deal with garden wastes in your yard. From large dead tree branches to lawn clippings and fallen leave, Trees Down Under can handle all sorts and sizes of green wastes. Just book with us, and we’ll be there when you need us. 

Professional Garden and Tree Services in Dural

Dural is a suburb of Sydney that is part of the Hills District. It resides 36 km northwest of Sydney’s Central Business District. The name Dural comes from the aboriginal term ‘Dooral Dooral” which means a hollow tree that is burning at the bottom and smoking at the top. In the past, the suburb was densely populated by tall forest trees. Due to the fertility of the soil, various trees, elaborate gardens, and rural attractions still abound the suburb.

Trees Down Under offers the perfect answer to the tree and garden needs of every home and commercial spaces in Dural. Aside from skill and authority, our professional team has the proper equipment and tools to perform our wide range of services safely, efficiently, and correctly. We guarantee your satisfaction through the quality of our work. Contact Trees Down Under any time at 0475 463 597 to get a free quote and book with us. We look forward to working for you.