A Perfect Gardening Solution in Hornsby

Every home, commercial or industrial space in Hornsby needs garden and tree services from Trees Down Under to develop their area to be more welcoming. Neighbours, guests, clients, potential clients, and workers all see the importance of an aesthetically pleasing, safe, and well-conditioned landscape and trees. 

Trees Down Under can help you with that.  We are your one-stop company for tree and garden solutions in Hornsby. We take pride in our workers who always strive to provide premium-quality garden and tree services. From developing your dream garden to removing an unwanted tree in your yard, Trees Down Under can do the job for you. 

Our Gardening & Tree Services in Hornsby

Check out the services you can avail of in Hornsby below. Take note that we provide these services for residential, commercial, and industrial outdoor spaces.


Trees Down Under knows that an attractive yard can offer you myriad benefits. That’s why we’re one call away to attend to your home or commercial garden needs. We offer customised landscaping and garden makeovers to enhance the overall appearance of your yard and add value to your property. We go beyond plants and trees for landscaping; we also provide garden edging, pebble works, and stone path walk installation.

Tree Removal and Pruning Services

Trees Down Under is your reliable partner when it comes to safe and quality tree pruning and removal services. Our professional arborists are qualified to deal with trees no matter how big or dangerous they are. Our tree experts know how to prune and cut trees correctly to ensure the safety and efficiency of the process.

Garden and Tree Maintenance

Trees Down Under offers routine maintenance and aftercare for your garden. Maintenance services encompass everything in your garden. From your lawn, plants, shrubs, trees through your fixtures and hardscapes, you can count on us to ensure the mint condition and health of your garden.

Green Waste Removal

We are the answer to green wastes lying around your yard. Just give us a call, and we’ll do the dirty work of collecting, transporting, and disposing of these garden wastes. We also offer immediate green waste removal to give you a clean yard within the day.

Hornsby is one of the flourishing suburbs on the Upper North Shore of Sydney. It resides 24-25 km north-west of Sydney’s Central Business District depending on your mode of transport. Hornsby is home to more than 22,000 residents according to the 2016 census. Residential areas range from low to medium density, the majority of which are in the middle of greeneries and bushes. 

Aside from houses, schools, malls, commercial and retail spaces, as well as parks and gardens, abound Hornsby. The great Westfield Hornsby shopping centre is located at the eastern part of Hornsby together with the Hornsby Shire public library. While on the northwest portion, various industries are prospering.

Trees Down Under can be of great help to these residential, commercial, and industrial spaces in Hornsby. No matter how big or small your area is, our team of dedicated professionals can handle it. You can always rely on us for any garden and tree-related matters because we are the perfect answer to your garden. Call us now at 0475 463 597 for immediate tree removal and garden services.