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Trees Down Under has been operating in Sydney and surrounding suburbs since 2005 and has acquired quite a reputation in providing the best tree services in Hunters Hill. We maintain gardens for all types of residential, commercial and industrial plots. Our reputation is important to us and we have been able to provide our customers with 100% guaranteed satisfaction for every project that we have worked on. It is our mission to provide the best services at the most affordable rates to our customers. We are quite aware of the pride and love the people of Hunters Hill have for their trees and therefore we ensure that we can keep that pride intact while working for you. Trees Down Under have a history of commitment, ownership, integrity and excellence in the work that they do and try to reproduce it in every project.

Trees Down Under provides various kinds of tree services to every type of clients starting from personal residents or strata apartment building, commercial establishments like offices and hospitals and lastly industrial properties in areas of Hunters Hill. The types of services we provide are:

  • Tree lopping and removal – Trees are great assets to every household and society of the people of Hunters Hill. They enhance our environment as well as provide fresh air. But sometimes trees do become precarious when they are overgrown and certainly can cause accidents that give rise to life-threatening situations. An overgrown tree or a decorative tree both can cause harm if not maintained and pruned regularly. Trees & Garden Solutions offer services to prune, cut down or lop trees under professional work. We are licensed to take on any size and type of tree available in Sydney.
  • Green waste disposal – We are experts in the removal of green wastes which are real trouble to rid of for people. All parks, farms and golf courses in Hunters Hill produce a lot of green disposable waste which we can clear off with ease and very comfortable and marginal disposal costs. All kinds of garden wastes and old woods from any kind of plots are cleared by us.
  • Stump grinding – After trees are removed, most people leave the stump behind. This results in a perfect home for termites, beetles and other wood boring pests. It can also be hazardous for children playing around as they can stumble and cause accidents. At Trees Down Under, we provide complete stump removal services which would never regrow and leave you extra space for gardening.
  • Tree pruning and chipping services – Trees Down Under offer expert tree pruning and chipping services through our expert arborists. Most people don’t understand the need for tree pruning, but when you ask an arborist they might tell you that it is one of the most important parts of maintaining gardens. Therefore we have brought trained arborist under our employment that uses art and science to prune your trees and plants for maximum growth.

Trees Down Under is a local family business and very proud to represent the community of Hunters Hill. We provide one of the most affordable tree services throughout Sydney in keeping your environment, homes, offices and parks clean and aim in providing the best services. We are just a call away and we provide estimates free of cost to everyone.

To find out more information about Trees Down Under or our tree services in Hunters Hill, call us at 0475 463 597.

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