Professional Local Gardeners in Lane Cove North

Besides being a visual treat, a greener environment is very beneficial for our mental and physical well-being. Regular maintenance and monitoring of the gardens and greenery around us are very important for creating a happier environment. Greenery makes the surroundings calm and peaceful as it enhances the overall quality of life. Trees Down Under helps to achieve this goal of creating a beautiful green environment in your Lane Cove North home.

You can be assured that we provide a professional team fully equipped with all the required types of machinery to give customers the best gardening service. We have been established since 2005 and have been taking on various tree removal and gardening jobs around Lane Cove North.  Known for our tree lopping solutions and garden care, residents have thoroughly enjoyed our services since inception.

Trees Down Under offers its customers with services such as tree removal, green waste removal, garden makeovers, stump grinding and other services for both residential as well as commercial. Our services are available all across Sydney. We’re committed to giving customers a 100% genuine and satisfactory service.

  • Green Waste Removal – We offer a wide range of waste removal services which aims at generating a cleaner environment. Satisfactory work is achieved by removing all the unwanted rubbish like old woods, garden waste, etc from residential areas of different parts of Sydney like Ryde, Lane Cove North etc.
  • Stump Grinding – As soon as we finish cutting down a tree, it leaves behind an unpleasant stump. These are not just unappealing but also home to many pests such as termites, beetles, etc. It can also be dangerous especially if there are kids running around as they can trip and fall. We ensure proper removal of stumps that will not regrow. This creates extra space in the garden and makes it cleaner and pest free.
  • New Turf – People don’t realise this but there are a lot of factors that determine the type of turf which is good for your land. This is a very important decision to make. We are experts who can provide professional advice on the process. We provide complete turf selection, turf supply and turf laying services in Lane Cove North. The service does not end here as we also provide lawn maintenance service.
  • Tree Services – A superior landscape is a secret to a beautiful environment and a safer place. It not just makes the environment more beautiful and welcoming but also healthier and pollution free. If you want to make your place more welcoming or beautiful or want to increase the overall value of your, then the services provided by us can be very useful. We will keep all your requirements in mind.
  • Garden Makeover – If you have a garden vision in your mind then we’ll turn that into a reality. Discuss with us about your personal style and taste and the way you want your garden to look like and we will design the landscape accordingly. We’ll make sure to give numerous types of services such as turfing, garden edging, pebble work, stepping stone pathways, garden design and advice, plant selection and design and retaining wall. We’re here to turn your dream garden into a reality in Lane Cove North.

It is clear that Trees Down Under provides commendable work in Lane Cove North in Gardening and Tree. While maintaining the high quality of our service, we work to ensure that our communication with you is always positive, respectful and influential. We are committed to giving excellent service to our clients and giving them everything they need, keeping in mind their preferences.

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