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Tree Loppers and Other Tree Services in Lane Cove

Regular maintenance and monitoring of the greenery around us is a crucial task as it not just create a healthy and pollution free environment but also creates an appealing view of the landscapes. A beautiful green environment improves our mental health and is very soothing at the same time. Establishing a very clean and green environment is the aim of Trees Down Under. Our services are made available to Lane Cove and other parts of Sydney. We provide high-quality tree services which include tree lopping and related tree services.

Trees Down Under have a highly skilled and experienced team to meet all the requirements of our clients. We are experienced and offer a clean and efficient work. We have been established for over 15 years and continue to provide genuine services. We provide 100% satisfaction to all our customers. Our services are available to both residential and commercial areas of Sydney including Lane Cove, Riverview, etc.

Our Services in Lane Cove

Trees Down Under offers a variety of tree services for residential, commercial as well as industrial clients which include:

  • Tree Pruning – Maintaining your garden regularly increases the value of your land and for this, pruning you land from time to time is very important. Trees Down Under can provide you with pruning service in many ways. This includes thinning out foliage to increase visibility, shaping hedges or shrubs that make the overall look of your property better, lifting the lower limbs, promoting light and wind filtration, eliminating the weight of tree limbs which helps in preventing the splitting or limb failure and avoiding overgrowth.
  • Tree services – We also bring tree services to you which not only makes your property look good and stay healthy but it also increases the value of your land. Our tree services are there to help you out to fulfil your requirements. We will help you enhance the quality of your land and make it more welcoming and fresh.
  • Green Waste Removal and Disposal – We also provide green waste removal, turf laying and stump grinding services which is for industrial, residence as well as commercial areas. We remove all the undesirable rubbish and tree stump from your garden and enhance the overall quality of your land.

Trees Down Under is a safe and professional company which takes care of all your tree care and maintenance needs in Lane Cove. We are a registered company who offers our high-quality services around Sydney. We carry out our service through the teamwork of our hardworking employees who are trained in this field. We also offer a clean and efficient work and provide super fast services. Our emergency tree removal service is available 24 hours a day.

Call our friendly and attentive staff on  0475 463 597.

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0475 463 597

!COVID19 Update: We are still operating 7 days per week, providing emergency residential and commercial tree services across Sydney. All on-site staff strictly follow NSW's best health guidelines.