Your Macquarie Park Tree and Garden Experts

Our company Trees Down Under has always been committed to providing the most admiring services to all of our clients in Macquarie Park and other suburbs of Sydney. We understand the ethics and integrity which holds an important position for the people of Macquarie Park. Therefore at Trees Down Under, we provide best services to the communities whilst upholding our work ethics, responsibility, liability and value. We provide services in pruning, mulching, cutting, stump removal and green waste disposal while also trying to contribute back to the society we live in.

We are a local business which has been operational since 2005 surrounding the areas of Macquarie Park and Sydney. Even though Trees Down Under is a local business we operate with advanced gardening equipment and employ industry experts like that of professional tree cutters and arborists in order to provide the best services to the residential, commercial and industrial owners of Macquarie Park and other suburbs of Sydney. We not only provide tree and gardening services but also keep the sustainability of the environment as a high priority in the work we do. We never operate without proper legal permissions from the municipalities and try to maintain the balance between the communities of Sydney and their environment.

Local Gardening Services in Macquarie Park

Trees Down Under will provide you with the best service at the most affordable quotations. We work on residential complexes and personal homes as well as the park, golf courses, offices and hospitals in the area of Macquarie Park and suburbs of Sydney. The services we provide are mentioned as follows:

  • Stump Grinding – Inexperienced tree cutters often leave huge tree stumps behind which is a huge inconvenience. They become breeding spots for termites, beetles and other wood boring pests. Even children can get hurt while playing from tree stumps in gardens. We can provide residents with complete stump removal which can avert accidents and also open up the space in your garden.
  • Green Waste Removal – Green waste removal of parks, gardens or golf courses is often a big hassle. At Trees Down Under, we remove all green waste with ease. We use advanced equipment and provide clean up services to safely remove all types of garden waste from your Macquarie Park site. We are expert in handling all kinds of green wastes with utmost commitment.
  • Tree Removal – Trees are one of the most important assets for the Macquarie Park communities as everyone loves a little shade and greenery in their house and parks. More times than not, they are overgrown and cause major accidents by heavy storms and wind. Trees Down Under are happy to provide safe tree lopping and cutting services for all kinds of properties. Just call us for best quotations in Macquarie Park and we will get rid of your tree as soon as possible with the approval of all authorities. We employ expert tree cutters who work with utmost silence without disturbing the community from exorbitant noise.
  • Tree chipping and pruning services – We offer our pruning and chipping services for your gardens at the most affordable rates. We understand that the Macquarie Park community love their beautiful gardens and public parks. That is why we aim to always maintain and upkeep the garden plants in a safe manner. We employ expert arborists for pruning services as they can provide the exact art and science of pruning and chipping to keep your trees and plants healthy and help them to grow faster.
  • Mulching – Trees Down Under provide the best mulching services in the Macquarie Park and suburbs of Sydney. Mulching is very important for keeping weeds away from your garden. But our secret in making mulch is that it is totally organic and provides fertility to the soil after decomposition.

Trees Down Under will always work in a collaborative and professional team environment, where all members are respected and work in collaboration with the instructions provided by our employers. We always try to maintain a holistic approach towards our work and maintain the balance between communities such as Macquarie Park and the environment as it is important for the spiritual and economic well being of every community and business. Call us now for the best free quotations and we promise not to disappoint you.

To find out more about Trees Down Under services in Macquarie Park, call us at (02) 9743 3160.