Like humans, plants also need proper care and treatment to grow healthy and splendidly. Here at Trees Down Under, you can have a well-balanced and harmonious garden with our top-rate services. Our expert arborists, gardeners, and landscapers in North Parramatta can turn your vision into a reality. 

Wide Range of Quality Tree Services in North Parramatta

Trees Down Under takes pride in its efficient methodology that will undoubtedly leave no customer unsatisfied. We offer a wide range of garden and tree services here in North Parramatta that can solve all of your garden problems. No matter how big or small the job is, we ensure unmatched top-quality outputs. 

Pruning Services in North Parramatta  

Pruning process requires expert knowledge. Most garden owners in North Parramatta don’t know when to prune and how to prune correctly. With Trees Down Under’s pruning services, your plants would be in reliable hands. Our professional arborists have pruning techniques that are ideal for different types of plant. Moreover, we make sure to equip them with the right tools and devices for a fast and efficient procedure. 

Mulching and Lawn Maintenance in North Parramatta

Soil treatment is essential for plants, shrubs, and trees to grow healthy and strong. Mulching is one of the processes that our gardeners do, expertly. With our developed mulching methods, your soil’s water retention will improve. And you don’t have to worry about weed infestation anymore. 

Moreover, our team consists of problem solvers. There are different plant diseases that you need to consult with experts. With Trees Down Under, we can immediately identify the possible issues and repair them at the soonest time possible. That said, you can always entrust your garden maintenance with us.   

Garden Transformation in North Parramatta

Increasing your property’s value with a visually attractive garden is a perfect investment, not only financially but for well-being as well. There’s nothing more satisfying than to play around the lawn in the afternoon and enjoy the cold breeze at night in your outdoor space. 

Trees Down Under can help you transform your garden according to your imagination. We have landscape designers and gardeners who can provide you with state-of-the-art design and makeover. Work with us, and we will enhance your outdoor space that is perfect for your lifestyle and budget.  

Green Waste Removal in North Parramatta

We understand that fallen trees and piles of soil are hard to carry and transport to landfills. Local council pick-ups will not collect bulky green waste, so Trees Down Under is here for the rescue. Our team can get rid of tree trunks, branches, dead plants, and unwanted soil in your garden, fast and efficiently. 

We don’t want you to wait for several days. So the moment you call us, we will dispatch our truck and staff who are fully geared up with the right tools and equipment.   

Most Trusted Partner for Garden and Tree Services in North Parramatta

North Parramatta is developing over the years with about 13,000 residents. Located 24km north-west of Sydney CBD, people tend to reside in this suburb since about 60% of the overall housing are separated and semi-detached houses. It is the perfect place to grow plants in gardens.    

Since 2005, Trees Down Under has been the trusted partner of North Parramatta residents for their garden needs. We have established a reputable name and regular clients who keep coming back for our services whenever they have lawn troubles. Also, we make sure to follow the council regulations to avoid our customers from paying up fines from illegal tree removal and waste dumping.

With just a call away, we will be with you when you need us! We are available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to contact us at 0475 463 597 or send us a message through email.