We offer a wide array of garden and tree services for our residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Parramatta. Some services you can avail of are:

Tree Removal and Pruning

We are the most reliable tree removal company in Parramatta and across Sydney. Trees are a great addition to any yard and space. However, there are certain situations wherein trees are unwanted such as when trees hinder a construction project, degrade curb appeal, and pose dangers. If you have such problems, you need our expert tree loppers to deal with your tree pruning and removal task safely and efficiently. 


Our professional landscapers will make sure that your garden landscape is the envy in Parramatta. We believe that every residential, commercial, and industrial space deserves a well-designed garden that will boost curb appeal. Thus, we always strive to provide our clients with a garden landscape that’s tailored to your needs, wants, and budget. 

Garden and Tree Maintenance Services

The benefits of a gorgeous yard and landscape will last longer if you take care of your plants, trees, and everything in your garden. Trees Down Under is here to help you maintain your garden and trees through our maintenance services like tree surgery, hedge cutting, shrub trimming, pruning, mowing, and pressure washing, among others.


We offer organic mulching to help keep your garden plants healthy. Mulch will help retain the moisture for your plants and prevent the growth of weeds by regulating the amount of sunlight.

Green Waste Removal

We can take away virtually all kinds of green waste from your garden and yard. Just call us, and our team will be on the way to collect and haul away your green wastes. Some garden wastes we will remove are lawn clippings, dead branches, trunks, barks, dead leaves, deadheaded plant parts, and unwanted mulch, compost, and seeds.

24-hour Emergency Tree Services in Parramatta

Our professional team is always ready for your tree removal and landscaping bookings to provide you with immediate action. We understand that tree removal jobs are urgent because they impair the safety and appeal of the area. Thus, you can expect our qualified loppers to arrive within the hour to efficiently and safely deal with the tree situation.

The Perfect Answer to Your Garden in Parramatta

Trees Down Under offers the best solution for your garden and tree needs in Parramatta. We boast of our highly-qualified arborists who have the expertise and experience to conduct reliable tree removal and landscaping. With the right tools and equipment, our team can systematically and effectively deal with any tree and garden jobs in the suburb.

Let us handle your gardening and tree removal needs so you could rest and enjoy your day. Visit Parramatta Park or Lake Parramatta Reserve with your family. You can also shop at Westfield Parramatta or watch movies at Riverside Theatres without worrying about your garden chores. You can leave the job to our reliable team who can perform the task while you’re away.