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When we see greenery around us, it automatically makes us think about peace and tranquillity. Trees, gardens, greenery give us fresh air and make everything around look prettier than usual. Trees Down Under aims to do just that. We are your gardening partners to help you keep your garden cleaner and greener.

Trees Down Under is a professional gardening company that provides services like tree care and garden makeovers for residential and commercial clients in Riverview and other cities in Sydney. We have been in the business since 2005 and over the years have established a reputation of providing high-quality services and 100% customer satisfaction.

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Trees Down Under provide various kinds of services in residential, commercial as well as industrial areas of Riverview in Sydney. We design gardens for clients based on the aesthetics of the garden space and budget. Each garden serves a different purpose. While residential gardens help give your home a facelift, commercial and industrial gardens help keep the environment warm and friendly. We look after many facets of gardening and tree care which includes:

  • Tree Pruning – It is necessary to prune your trees from time to time and clear away the clutter. In Riverview, Trees Down Under maintain trees by elevating the lower limbs, eliminating the weight of tree limbs to prevent splitting or limb failure, promoting light and wind filtration, thinning out foliage to increase visibility, shaping hedges or shrubs, etc.
  • Tree Removal – Decayed trunks or roots, storm-damaged trees, dying or diseased trees, severely cracked or split trunks or crotches or even overgrowing trees need to be removed with utmost care. Trees Down Under have trained tree loppers who remove the trees in a safe and effective way.
  • Stump Grinding – After a tree has been cut down, it leaves behind an unpleasant stump which are perfect homes for termites, beetles and other wood boring pests. These unappealing remnants of the trees can be very hazardous to children running around, causing trips and falls. Trees Down Under helps to turn these rough terrains into friendly landscapes by completely removing the stumps and making sure that they do not regrow. We offer these services to clients in Riverview and neighbouring Sydney Northern Suburbs.
  • Green Waste removal – The company offers a wide range of commercial green waste removal services. We are committed to reduce your disposal costs and meet all your garden waste disposal needs. We’ll make sure to collect and dispose of old wood and all garden waste from golf courses to parks and farms.

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Along with all these, Trees Down Under also provide turfing and tree maintenance services. Choosing the right type of turf is important after taking all the aspects into consideration. The experts at Trees Down Under provide advice and tips on the type of turf required for a specific land and go on to supplying and laying the turf as well. We also help keep your trees neat and trimmed on a periodic basis. Let us guide you on how to keep your garden healthy and looking fresh too.

While it is clear, Trees Down Under do not believe in compromising in the quality of work provided, we are even more careful about the safety of our employees. This is important while operating in commercial or industrial grounds, heavy machinery and large equipment which are required for the job. Therefore, before we begin work, a complete assessment is conducted. A weekly safety training session and meeting is held for employees so as to avoid any mishaps while working.

With all the required permits, safety measures, quality checks and a wide range of services being provided, Trees Down Under is making its mark as a leading gardening company in Riverview.

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