There’s no better scene than watching the beauty of nature in St. Ives. The green sceneries along with their well-pruned bushes, majestic orchards, and trees provide a grandiose feel as well as an uplifting breath of fresh air to the residents and visitors of St. Ives.

St. Ives is known for its one-of-a-kind assembly of biodiversity in the region. Various species of grass, trees, orchids, and other unique plants grow in this region. Each individual plant species may require its own unique type of care.

These greens of nature of St. Ives deserve to be taken care of and maintained by the world-class services of Trees Down Under. We provide excellent tree and garden services to residential and commercial properties in the Upper North Shore of Sydney and its nearby suburbs.

The Leading Tree Experts in St. Ives and Beyond

Does your trees need a bit of trimming? Do you have a stubborn stump that’s an eyesore that you want to be removed? We have all the solutions to your problems.

Our locally owned tree company have been in operation for about 15 years now, providing tree services including:

  • Tree lopping
  • Tree pruning
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Garden waste removal

Our services don’t just end with the list. We have a lot of clients who come to us with various unique problems in their yards and we promptly resolved the issues for them. Just share with us your arboreal concerns and we’d be happy to provide the solutions for you.

What Trees Down Under Bring to the Residents of St. Ives

We at Trees Down Under are delighted to bring our unparalleled quality of excellence to the residents of this beautiful community. Our affordable tree services have brought a lot of joy to a multitude of clients over the years:

Here are the reasons that make us unique:

Tree Professionals

Our specialists share over 50 years of experience. We work like a well-oiled machine; using proven systems holistically to cater to our clients’ needs. Our methodologies are ensured to be environmentally friendly, safe, efficient, and legally correct. We don’t operate without proper permission from the communities’ local leadership.

We will always perform a safety work assessment before we start any of our services. The people and properties we will be given the utmost priority and of course, the necessary precautions will be in place before we work. Rest assured that every inch of your area will be taken care for.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

The wide range of tree services we offer has an equally large array of equipments at our disposal. Our capabilities to provide safe, high-quality, and efficient services to St. Ives have no bounds. We have all the necessary equipment to handle every possible situation.

The team is fully prepared to handle small to high scale tree services of residential and industrial areas within and around St. Ives.

Excellent 24-Hour Tree and Garden Services

We are consistently committed to making our clients feel special every time they connect with us. All inquiries will immediately get our undivided attention and shall have a quick response time. Expect that we’ll be there to answer your calls or emails any time of the day or night, whatever the case.

Environmentally Safe

Taking care of the environment is one of the driving forces in our operations. Our standards of operating procedures include the welfare of the people, animals, plants, and properties in the vicinity.

We also make sure that proper aftercare is done after fulfilling our tasks. Your area will be clean and healthy every time we are done with our services. Our customers are guaranteed to enjoy their garden, lawn, and orchard after we clean them up.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Earning your smile and confidence are very important to us. Residents of St. Ives deserve to receive the highest quality of tree services from us and we’re sincere in delivering them to you.

For more info about us or our tree lopping and related tree services, please call us direct on 0475 463 597.

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