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Tree Solutions for Homeowners in Winston Hills

Trees Down Under offers an assortment of excellent tree and garden services for our clients in Winston Hills. Our expert team of arborists, gardeners and landscapers can help you achieve your ideal garden and ensure that your plants, grass, and trees are in their best condition all year long.

Tree Removal

We are the most reliable tree removal company in Winston Hills. Our certified loppers and arborists know everything about trees so there’s nothing that can make our tree removal jobs go wrong. With our experience and expertise, we can take down any tree you want us to remove with ease and accuracy – considering of course Winston Hills council regulations. No matter how big, tall, and heavy your tree is, we have the right manpower to finish the job safely. Call us anytime, even after work hours, for same-day tree removal. 

Tree Pruning Services

Tree pruning is more than just to enhance the aesthetics and appearance of your trees and shrubs in Winston Hills. It is also essential for their well-being. At Trees Down Under, we utilise incredible pruning techniques to beautify the trees in your property and keep them healthier and stronger at the same time. We also offer shrub and hedge pruning for your garden, all of which are performed by an experienced and certified arborist. 

Green Waste Removal

We make sure to clean up after every job we do, but you can also contact us if you only need us to clean up your garden in Winston Hills. We offer efficient and thorough green waste removal for virtually all your garden wastes such as dead leaves, broken tree branches, grass cuttings, weeds, and twigs. Our green waste removal will clear out the clutter in your garden so you can render a clean and aesthetically pleasing garden in Winston Hills. 

Stump Grinding in Winston Hills

Stumps can be troublesome for many residents and commercial establishment owners in Winston Hills. Luckily, Trees Down Under provides tree stump grinding and removal services. We also offer organic mulching to improve your soil’s water retention and inhibit the growth of weeds in your property. Furthermore, with professional gardeners in our team, we will ensure that your turf, plants, trees, and garden elements are well-maintained and conditioned. 

The Right Team for Your Trees in Winston Hills

Trees Down Under is made up of professionals who know their job by heart. Our certified arborists, professional gardeners and landscapers possess the expertise, experience, knowledge, and skills they need to render fast and quality results. Additionally, they have the right tools, facilities, and protective equipment to ensure their safety and efficiency working with our clients in Winston Hills.

If you need the perfect answer to your tree care and maintenance needs in Winston Hills, we are always open. You may reach us at 0475 463 597.

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0475 463 597

!COVID19 Update: We are still operating 7 days per week, providing emergency residential and commercial tree services across Sydney. All on-site staff strictly follow NSW's best health guidelines.