Trees Down Under’s 14 POINTS OF CULTURE


We are committed to the success of Trees Down Under as well as providing an admirable experience to all clients, whilst upholding the organisations values and ethics.


We accept responsibility and liability for our actions and outcomes in both our professional and personal life.


We never make promises and agreements we don’t intend to keep. Our promises will be delivered and potential disagreements will be communicated at the first opportunity.


We always deliver services of a high standard, providing products of exceptional quality, adding value to a property.


We speak in a positive, respectful and influential manner, with good purpose, empowering team members and clients.


We have faith in the success of the business which allows us to display pride, competence and personal confidence. We focus our attention on the future of the organisation and its success and expansion.


We learn from our mistakes and constantly strive to grow as individuals and team members. We allow clients to make informed decisions and provide our opinion when required.

We also assist with the professional growth of team members helping them with practical components rather than just theory.

Team Work

We work collaboratively in a professional team environment where all members are respected and cooperative. We assist others when help is required and have no trouble asking for help.


We have a holistic and balanced approach to life, remembering that our spiritual, social, physical and family aspects are just as significant as our financial and intellectual.


We aim to live life to the fullest, viewing it as a journey filled with many ups and occasional downs. We aim to be outgoing and radiant people, creating an atmosphere of fun and happiness so those around us can also enjoy it.


We constantly look for a system solution in our innovation rather than a people solution. We also suggest system improvements at the first opportunity.


We are consistent in our actions so that our clients can feel comfortable in dealing with any of our team at all times.


We are a genuinely grateful people who are thankful and appreciative for all we have. We constantly find ourselves doing things right and celebrating our wins and the wins of our clients and team.


We deserve our abundance and have worked extremely hard for what we have and the success of the organisation we have built.

We are rewarded to the level where we create abundance for others and we accept that prosperity only appears in our life to the level at which we show up.