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Tree Removal For Property Investors

You might think having big lots and sturdy buildings is the best way to succeed as a Property Investor. But would anyone want to purchase or rent properties with poor ventilation, air quality, and aesthetic appeal? Of course not! 

In other words, the quality of living clients get from your properties sets your business apart and skyrockets your returns to an all-time high.

Among the many factors affecting a property’s livability is the status of your trees. After all, trees have been known to increase property value and boost life quality, at least trees in good condition.

Hence, it’s best to entrust tree removal and maintenance to the best tree services provider in Sydney, Trees Down Under!

Our certified arborists understand the importance of trees and the value they add to properties and life as a whole. That’s why we always give our 100% in everything we do, whether tree pruning, trimming, or tree removal for Property Investors!

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Darryl Dunger
Darryl Dunger
2. June, 2023.
Joseph and his team performed an amazing job. The tree I had removed was a giant Sydney Blue Gum (approx. 30 metres tall and the same wide.) the whole team, as well as the crane operators, worked in unison and accomplished the goal with great skill. The Quote for the job was very reasonable considering the tree location. I would have no hesitation in recommending Trees Down Under. Once again, thank you Joseph.
Brad Cook
Brad Cook
16. March, 2023.
Great service, they know their craft and they are a great bunch of professional guys. We will be using them again. Thank you Joseph
22. February, 2023.
These guys are the best. Great job removing three palms. Excellent communication during the job and great clean up after completion. Highly recommended for all tree issues.🙂
Eternal Cleaning
Eternal Cleaning
16. February, 2023.
Extremely happy the service Joseph provided. Would highly recommend them. Job well done guys
Amir Ashrafy
Amir Ashrafy
13. February, 2023.
Very professional and on time servic. Amir

What We Do

Shade. Visual appeal. Health and environmental benefits.

These are just some of the reasons why people love trees. They simply represent the good things in life.

But trees can also be something one would run away from for the following reasons:

  • Invasive trees
  • Dead and pest-infested trees
  • Trees interfering with pipelines and wiring
  • Trees taken down by natural disasters
  • Land clearing   

As a property investor, it’s up to you to strategise and increase your property’s market value. So, if a problematic tree is ruining your property’s view or compromising people’s safety, what will you do?

Seek a tree expert’s help! At Trees Down Under, our certified arborists can assess your tree situation and figure out solutions, including tree removal!  

Sydney Arborist at work

Types of Tree Maintenance Services

While trees have flourished naturally, urbanisation has shifted the landscape. Forests turned to subdivisions and strata. Thus, trees now require human assistance for sustained growth in transformed environments.

That said, expert skills and insights are necessary to help trees reach their full potential, including the ones on your lawn. So, if you want to make your properties more attractive in the market, unleash the tree power with Trees Down Under! 

In addition to health and environmental advantages, well-maintained trees provide visual charm, a sure hit for your clients.

To achieve that, here are the types of tree maintenance we offer:

For long-term tree maintenance success, start with a good plan. 

Certified arborists perform comprehensive risk evaluations, identifying tree types and health and safety concerns. These provide vital direction for Property Investors when making landscaping decisions.

Once key tree components are compromised, deterring substantial pest and disease harm becomes difficult. Thus, initiating proactive preventive care and treatment for trees is optimal. 

Fungicides and insecticides can be applied via trunk, soil, or root injections. Addressing nutrient deficiency and preservation can also be achieved with granular fertilisers and living organisms. However, treatments would still be based on your arborist’s assessments.

While it might seem like merely cutting random leaves and branches, tree trimming and pruning play a crucial role in preserving tree health and appearance. Trimming removes overgrowth and weak branches, while pruning encourages targeted growth. Both practices improve safety, light, and air circulation, maintaining tree well-being and beauty.

At Trees Down Under, we also ensure the property’s free from green waste after trimming and pruning your trees. After all, leaving trash around defeats the point of tree maintenance.

It’s a big turn-off for buyers to see dead and unsafe trees on a property. It signifies neglect. But what if a client wants to visit tomorrow and a risky tree’s still around?

Don’t panic. Trees Down Under got you covered! Our emergency tree removal for Property Investors is available 24/7.   

Call Trees Down Under for Safe and Simple Tree Removals

Aborist in Sydney

We know it’s tempting to remove and maintain trees yourself. After all, you won’t have to pay for extra services, right? But, you would probably still have to, even more, when things go awry for you and your properties.

Tree services require skills, experience, and specialised equipment to be done safely and efficiently. Hence, if you want to see trees grow beautifully on your properties, investing in tree removal and maintenance services first is worth it.

After over thirty years in the industry, Trees Down Under has provided quality maintenance and tree removal for Property Investors. Who knows, you might be the next Property Investor to succeed with our help and dedication to our craft.  

Let us know your tree situation, get a quote at 0475 463 597, and witness your property investments grow as big as a healthy tree! 

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