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Tree Removal Services in Sydney

Tree Removal

Don’t wait until that tree on your property has caused damage, or worse still, resulted in injury to you or someone else. Now is the time to remove it safely. We offer residential tree cutting and removal services all across Sydney.

Green Waste Removal Sydney

Green Waste Removal

Our team is committed to meeting all your garden waste disposal needs. We offer a comprehensive green waste removal solution to suit both residential and commercial needs. From golf courses to parks and farms, we can help reduce disposal costs.

Crane Hire For Tree Removal Sydney

Crane Hire

Chipping, sawing, and crushing are the most common methods of removing trees. In addition to sawing and crushing, we can use a crane to remove trees and branches.

What Other People Are Saying About Us

Anne Miller
Anne Miller
30. June, 2022.
We received exceptional and professional service from Trees Down Under. They worked hard, very efficiently and exercised great care and totally respected our garden in carrying out the substantial work involved. We are delighted to give Joe and his team the strongest recommendation possible. Trees Down Under also provided the most competitive quotation.
Ayers to the Throne
Ayers to the Throne
22. June, 2022.
These guys are good. Really good. I’ve used Trees Down Under for the second time, and not only do they turn up with tools, but a wealth of pragmatic solutions, advice and friendly professionalism. They work fast, but steady and the 3 guys that arrived, synced seamlessly (with some humour thrown in!) I am thrilled with the pruning of my jacaranda. Great stuff and great company. Thanks Joseph & Trees Down Under!
Alice Noogen
Alice Noogen
22. June, 2022.
Great service provided by the team at Trees Down Under Sydney! Would highly recommend as they did a great job removing the massive tree.
Leng Saan
Leng Saan
14. April, 2022.
Joseph and his team were phenomenal in helping us safely remove an overgrown tree that was protruding into our property. Highly professional team that we would recommend to anyone who needs a tree removal service!
Aussie Services
Aussie Services
14. April, 2022.
Great service provided by the team at Trees Down Under Sydney. Always happy to use them when required.
zhilin ji
zhilin ji
11. January, 2022.
Like the job.
Davis L
Davis L
22. September, 2021.
Joseph and his team did a great job to remove two massive gum trees and one pine tree using a 65 Ton crane. They also help cut timbers to disc with an extra charge so I can further chopper them to firewood. I specially thank Alex who cut some big timbers to smaller pieces so I can use them for firewood directly. Some of the firewood is dry enough to use even today. Alex delivered more than what I expected and all of my family members are very thankful for his great work. The stump grinding is amazing as well. The big stumps turned to small chips in less than one hour. However, when I cleaned my garden, I found two surface roots were not removed. I contacted Joseph but I was told it’s expected and I need to get a excavator to remove it. It’s a surprise to me but I don’t bother too much so I spent an hour to dig and remove them using chainsaw by myself.
Rhea Marie Kirstel Saycon
Rhea Marie Kirstel Saycon
8. June, 2021.
This is the second time I used Trees down under. The second tree removal was in a difficult location but it was performed with safety and care for the surroundings. Another very good experience.
Hans Andrew Consuegra
Hans Andrew Consuegra
17. May, 2021.
This is the first time I asked for a tree removal service from them. The team responded very fast and they answered all my questions kindly.

Tree Removal Cost Sydney

Aborist in Sydney

Having a massive aging tree in your backyard can significantly contribute to its beauty, even going as far as to add a magical and natural vibe in many cases. However, the time will come that you’ll have to cut it down before it exposes your property and family members to severe safety risks.

But before you call an arborist, it helps to know the average cost of tree cutting, particularly in Sydney, NSW. That way, you can tell which company offers the best value for your money.

How much does tree removal cost in Sydney?

Trees Down Under offers tree lopping/cutting services for an average of $110/hr per personnel, for at least two hours. For heavier jobs that require removing the logs and chipping down wood, we also provide trucks and chippers which you can hire for a half or full day for as low as $450.

It’s important to note that a few critical factors influence the service price, which we will discuss shortly.

After factoring in multiple factors, the price of tree removal may in most cases significantly vary. This is because different tree cutting jobs require a different number of skilled tree climbers, equipment, safety gear and of course, will depend on the size and structure of the tree.

What are the Sydney tree removal cost factors?

We consider a few crucial factors determining the final cost of tree lopping and removal. These elements contribute to the project’s difficulty level and involve various power tools and skillset to execute safely and properly.

That said, here are the tree cutting factors to keep in mind:

Tree Height

Simply put, the taller the tree is, the harder it is to cut. Our team will not just cut a wedge and yell timber! To avoid property damage and the risk of injuries, we’ll need boom trucks and special equipment to access the higher branches first.

Here are our average rates for different tree heights:

  • Small tree $450-$900
  • Medium tree $950-$2,450
  • Large tree $2,500 – $4,900


Tree Age & Condition

Our arborists will also consider the tree’s overall health and approximate age. That’s because trees with brittle trunks and infested branches might break down during the process, injure nearby personnel, and damage your property.

Aside from cutting down diseased trees, we also take care of grinding down the stumps and tree trunks. These objects can still pose physical hazards and injury if left after cutting down the tree. Our stump grinding service ranges from $220-$480, depending on the stump size, location, and ease of access.

If you’re unsure whether your trees are healthy or need to be cut down, let our arborists at Trees Down Under inspect them first.

Tree Location & Accessibility

The tree’s location and elevation will also slightly impact the overall cost. That includes whether or not we can properly place our equipment around the tree and nearby obstacles that might hinder the process.

Trees located on rather hard-to-access spots will require heavy equipment such as cranes to maintain a safe and efficient operation. We provide crane services for tree cutting for as low as $200-$500 per hour, depending on the crane size and ease of access.

Additionally, your address and location should also influence the tree cutting cost. To save more on travel expenses in the Northern Suburbs, Trees Down Under is the only team you’ll need to call. We provide reliable arborist services across all Sydney homes in the Northern Suburbs.

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Sydney offers a lot of beaches to surf, restaurants to eat in, and historical and recreational attractions to visit. Even if you live in Sydney, we bet you haven’t been to all the beautiful destinations in the area yet. So, why don’t you take the time you’ve allocated to gardening and tree removal and head to Bondi beach or Luna Park? Don’t worry about those exhausting tasks anymore because you can rely on our expert team at Trees Down Under to do them for you. Tree lopping and tree services are best done by highly-qualified and expert arborists.

If you live in Sydney Inner West, you won’t run out of better things to do than removing or pruning a tree in your yard. You can explore the White Rabbit Gallery or the famous Brett Whitely Studio without worrying about that tree you want to cut. While you’re busy witnessing world-class performances and theatre acting at the Seymour Centre, we’ll be at your place taking down any tree you asked us to remove.

Sydney Arborist at work
Sydney Aborist at Tree Removal Project

Local Sydney Tree Services

Dedicated Tree Services in Sydney’s North West & North Shore.

Our team of arborists regularly service Sydney’s North Shore, North West and parts of Western Sydney. Call us to safely and efficiently conduct your tree requirements while you travel and enjoy leisure time together with your family. No matter where you live in North West Sydney, Trees Down Under has got your back for any tree services you need. 

If you reside in Sydney’s South West, we also can provide emergency tree lopping or any related tree service. We regularly service South West suburbs and even travel to Greater Western Sydney to conduct residential and commercial tree lopping projects.

Our tree services are also available in North Sydney and Sydney CBD. Our expert team are able to service public Sydney CBD parks, commercial properties and any industrial complexes. Get in touch with us today and let us know of your tree requirements!

Tree Removal FAQs

Yes. We provide emergency tree removal services all across Sydney, even after business hours. You can contact us even after work hours for your tree servicing needs, and we’ll be right at your place within the hour. We’ll deliver prompt tree removal to keep you safe and protected around trees.

We specialise in tree removal services, however, we also provide tree pruning and stump grinding services to suit both residential and commercial needs. We provide a whole range of specialist tree services to ensure your tree requirements are met.

We always strive to make sure to meet our deadlines and schedules. We understand that your time is precious, that’s why we won’t keep you waiting for our team. Once we have confirmed a booking time with you, that is the time our team will arrive and be ready to work. If we need to make an arrangement, we will let you know promptly either by phone or email.

At Trees Down Under, all our customers are ensured 100% customer satisfaction. Our team compromises of the most experienced arborists and tree removal specialists in Sydney. We ensure a safe and efficient service is conducted at every job, providing you with peace of mind, knowing that a hazardous job is complete safely and without any fuss.

Tree removal costs in Sydney vary greatly. The base price for a basic tree removal service is $350. This price can still go up depending on the size of your tree (height and diameter), condition, location, and type of tree you want us to chop down. The rates for stump removal and grinding and green waste removal is often separate from the tree removal costs.

Absolutely! What better way to show our appreciation to our returning customers than giving them discounts on their next booking. Just quote your previous booking with us, and we’ll instantly give you a discounted price in your next transaction. Likewise, seniors also get a discount from us when they present their valid seniors ID.

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