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Council Permits

Please find below the Council Permits for Private Tree Removal

Under some circumstances, you may see the need to prune or remove a tree. A few examples of this scenario could be fire or electrical hazards, the proliferation of termites, and obstruction to people and/or to properties. 

Generally, removal of trees within private properties may be carried out without a permit if your area is eligible under the 10/50 or the 10/30 vegetation clearing entitlement. The height and diameter by which the tree is determined to be covered by this permission depend on local government regulations. 

If the tree is not eligible under the clearing entitlement, chances are it is covered by legal protection. Thus, you will need to consult the Local Council and submit an application for permission to prune or remove the tree(s) involved.

Applications for pruning or removing trees constitute applicable fees and requirements. In some cases, reports such as that of a professional arborist, pest control inspector, structural engineer, plumber, etc. may be necessary. There may also be a few instances where it is best to consult your Local Council before filing an application.

The manner of filing the application and the time it will take to conduct a proper assessment is stated in most application forms.

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