A Perfect Gardening Solution in North Shore

The North Shore is home to eucalypts, wattles and banksias. These trees are extremely dangerous to be around people because they often have broken branches that cause injuries and damages. It’s a good thing that Trees Down Under offers tree pruning and tree removal services to ensure the safety of your family as well as the aesthetics of your garden. We also offer premium quality garden and landscaping services for residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Contact us now to experience world-class garden designs and tree solutions in the North Shore.

Our Gardening & Tree Services in North Shore

Trees Down Under only provides the best landscaping designs for your backyard or front yard. Our expert landscapers and arborists work together with you to develop the design that brings out the finest aesthetics of your home. More than that, we also offer year-round garden and tree maintenance services. From lawn maintenance to plant care and tree pruning services, just set a schedule with us and you have nothing to worry about.

Hedge Trimming and Tree Pruning

We commit to keeping every plant and tree in the North Shore healthy and appealing. That’s why our trained arborists will give your hedges and trees a neat trim and pruning to enhance the beauty of your landscape. 

Turf Laying and Lawn Aftercare

We understand how a lush lawn is an eye-catching aspect of a yard. Trees Down Under offers lawn services to enliven the outdoor spaces of your home or commercial complexes in the North Shore. We provide old lawn removal, new turf laying, and lawn maintenance and care services to ensure that you have the lawn that everyone in your neighbourhood envies. 

Tree Removal Services

Not all trees are wanted. Some trees are weeds and invasive so that removing them is your best option. Moreover, they may be posing dangers or obstructions, hence, the need to cut them immediately. Trees Down Under offers 24-hour emergency tree removal services in the North Shore. No matter how big or small your tree is, our professional arborists can get to the bottom of it while adhering to council regulations and safety protocols.

Tree and Garden Solutions in the North Shore

The North Shore is the metropolitan area in the northern part of Sydney. It has numerous suburbs that divide into the Lower North Shore and Upper North Shore. The North Shore is around 29 km via Forest Way to 37 km via Victoria Road from Sydney’s Central Business District.

The North Shore, dubbed as “the leafy North Shore,” is vastly populated with sclerophyll forest found in public spaces and residential communities. Numerous parks and reserves abound the area, including Sydney Harbour National Park and the Lane Cove National Park. Aside from that, the North Shore is also home to many commercial complexes and retail centres. 

Trees Down Under is ready to take on gardening and tree removal services in the North Shore. No job is challenging to our trained professionals in the field of landscaping and tree removal services. Our friendly and dedicated arborists and garden experts are ready to provide you with quality, efficient, safe, and cheap garden and tree solutions for your residential, commercial, and industrial spaces in the North Shore. Give us a call at 0475 463 597 to avail of our services.