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Chipping, sawing, and crushing are the most common methods of removing trees. In addition to sawing and crushing, we can use a crane to remove trees and branches.

When attempting to cut or remove a tree, some factors that may affect its surroundings must be considered. Tree removal needs to be carried out properly to avoid causing damage to the surroundings or compromising anyone’s safety.

This kind of job is a time-consuming process. If the task is not performed properly, it can be extremely dangerous. Proper removal ensures the safety of the workmen and the general public.

So, don’t try to consider doing the task yourself, hire a tree removal company to clear trees and debris from your property. Tree removal and disposal is a very important task that needs to be done carefully and with due care.

If you need a crane hired for tree removal, we can provide for all your tree removal needs in Sydney.

Crane Planning For Tree Removal

Regardless of the size and height of the tree, removing it is a major task. Allow us to walk you through the process of planning for tree removal with a crane. The first thing we need to do is to determine if the tree can be removed and disposed of.

To begin, examine the following indicators to determine whether the tree needs to be removed:

  • Vertical cracks
  • Seams
  • Dead branch stubs
  • Large, older wounds 

Aside from the indicators mentioned above, there are a few more things to consider before removing a tree such as:

  • Is the ground level, sloped or slanted?
  • Is the soil around the tree soft?
  • What is the height of the tree?
  • How large is the tree’s trunk or its diameter?
  • How far are the landing and picking areas from each other?
  • What should the crane’s location be?

These are some of the considerations we must address before cutting or removing the tree. That is why we encourage you to contact us so that we can assist you with any tree removal concerns.  

Safe & Effective Tree Removal Through A Crane

As previously stated, careful planning is required to safely and effectively remove the dead or rotten tree. As can be seen, due to the size of the crane, it takes time to set up the equipment at the actual tree removal site. 

Additionally, each tree is unique and will necessitate a unique removal strategy. That is why both the crane operator and tree climber will devise a strategy for removing the tree. Every cut and lift will be thoroughly planned and discussed beforehand. Once a removal plan has been established, the work will begin. 

By hiring the right people to do tree removal with a crane, you can expect fast, safe, and efficient service. Trees Down Under employs skilled and experienced arborists. We invest in cutting-edge technology for your safety and convenience.

Tree Dismantling

Prior to cutting, the climber and operator must be able to accurately estimate the weight of the tree. Then, prepare the site and ensure that the weather cooperates with the tree cutting.

Following the safe transportation of the equipment to the worksite, here is a brief overview of how to dismantle a tree:

  • The arborist or climber secures his support line above the crane’s ball
  • Then, signals for the crane operator to lift him to the designated point (where the crane will attach to the tree for removal)
  • The arborist  attaches the cable to the crane’s hook and the tree 
  • The arborist rappels down the tree to the designated cut point 
  • Then make the appropriate cut for the situation 

Tree Disposal

Following the dismantling of the tree, the disposal of the tree cuttings comes after.  We can use the tree cuttings in a variety of ways. But why bother with the time-consuming task when you can simply delegate it to us? Trees Down Under make the process simple and safe for you.

A crane can save the day for tree removal and save the trees themselves from damage. This piece of equipment greatly improves arborists’ ability to remove trees safely and without causing damage to the surrounding area or any structures. However, as simple as it may appear, the crane must be operated with precision and care.

Call the expert arborist in Sydney! We provide same-day tree removal whenever possible. Call us right away!

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