One of the most abundant native shrubs in Australia is the Bracelet Honey Myrtle (Scientific name: Melaleuca armillaris ssp. armillaris). This plant is native to the southern part of the continent but has been naturalised in the western part as well. This hardy plant is a staple in gardens and one of the favourites of plant hobbyists due to its toughness and resilient nature. 

The Bracelet Honey Myrtle grows and spreads extremely fast. Albeit its attractiveness, this plant can be an invasive species if left unattended and can cause an imbalance in the ecology of an area. You should be aware of this fact and prepare an efficient management plan for your Bracelet Honey Myrtle tree.

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What is The Bracelet Honey Myrtle Tree

The name Bracelet Honey Myrtle is named as such due to its physical appearance. Upon blooming, the flowers of this Myrtaceae family member are wrapped around the stem like a bracelet with leaves above and below. It flowers during the spring and summer which is also the time when they can spread expansively.

This plant is also very easy to propagate. It has seeds that are encapsulated and are released and carried by the wind to nearby areas. The seeds are also spread by flowing water and quickly germinate and live in damp soil. It can as well regrow from cuttings and stumps.

The Bracelet Honey Myrtle initially grows as a shrub then as its bark hardens, it can grow into a tall tree up to eight metres in height. Endemic species of birds love to nest atop this tree as its flowers, fruits, and foliage attract a wide range of insects.

Bracelet Honey Myrtle Tree Removal Experts Sydney

Shrubs and small trees of Bracelet Honey Myrtle are usually used as living fences and as screens. You can commonly see this plant in gardens used as live fences and hedges, in coastal gardens, and in the wild along the roadsides. 

If left untrimmed and controlled, the Bracelet Honey Myrtle tree can grow very fast (about 96 centimetres per year). It also doesn’t need a lot of care in terms of nutrients and medicines as it’s virtually pest and disease-free.  You just have to keep an eye on its roots as, like other plants living in damp soil, it can be affected by decaying roots (root rot). 

Removal of Bracelet Honey Myrtle in bush form can easily be done by anyone; however, when it grows very tall with thick trunks, you would certainly need the help of fully equipped and well-trained tree removal experts. One of the hazards a tall Bracelet Honey Myrtle tree brings is its almost uncontrollable growth can be destructive, both under and above ground. It sometimes comes in contact with overhead electrical cables leading to power disruptions and fires.

In addition, its roots have been reported destroying underground plumbing systems. Due to this fact, keep the Bracelet Honey Myrtles at least 20 feet away from plumbing systems.

Bracelet Honey Myrtle Tree Pruning & Trimming Sydney

Pruning and trimming of the Honey Myrtle are done for the purpose of cutting back or controlling its growth. You’d want to keep the branches and foliage thick and rich green to achieve a desirable shape, form, and aesthetic design.

For best results, trimming and pruning should be done right after the flowering season; which is during the summer in NSW. 

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