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Jacaranda Tree Removal

Is your old Jacaranda tree turning your lawn into a blue floral carpet with hints of ominous fallen, large branches? Do you want it safely removed from your Sydney lawn and start anew? Jacaranda trees are natural splendours for Sydneysiders but also become natural hazards if left unattended. Save yourself from the risks and hefty cost of cutting it down yourself.  Contact Sydney’s time-tested tree care specialists at Trees Down Under for your Jacaranda tree removal. Spend only once and experience proper tree removal, so you can sit back and enjoy a cold beer while we do the heavy work. Our 30+ years of industry experience they have helped us develop bespoke tree care solutions for all types of tree situations across the Greater Sydney Area and all neighbouring suburbs. Jacarandas stand out as street painters, turning sidewalks into carpets of blue while boasting golden foliage come wintertime. It is a stunning tree species and is excellent for open lawns and public green spaces. Australia may not be the true home for Jacarandas, but it’s evident how the country welcomes the Brazilian head-turner as it propagates across the country.

What is a Jacaranda Tree?

Take a stroll around Sydney’s streets and parks and you may spot the golden tree that is Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia). The species belong to the family Bignoniaceae with most relatives spread across tropical regions. Come springtime, Jacarandas bloom distinct blue and purple flowers that Australians know and love. It is celebrated across several states and territories, with its vibrant hues adding an azure hue to Australia’s streets and sidewalks. While it’s well-loved and popular in the country, the Jacaranda species is actually native to South America, with the local variety believed to have originated from Argentine sources. This flowering tree can grow up to 10-15 metres in height and spread up to 10 metres wide. That means it loves taking up space wherever it’s planted—so you might consider planning your lawn first before planting one. Moreover, Jacarandas mostly thrive in tropical and temperate climates and bloom more flowers in warmer zones than in cooler areas. But like many non-native tree species, some states classify Jacarandas as invasive weeds as they can propagate rapidly and be uncontrollable. In those cases, you will need a tree care partner. For Sydneysiders, that’s Trees Down Under.

Jacaranda Tree Removal Experts Sydney

Jacarandas have strong and invasive root systems that can outcompete local flora, limiting growth of plants and other species under it. Most of the time, you’ll see a patch of soil surrounding a Jacaranda tree. That’s because its root system prevents grass and wattles from growing on it. Since the tree naturally grows into an elegant umbrella, it can obstruct nearby power lines and grow hanging branches over households and neighbouring lawns. That’s when removing the tree comes into the equation. Depending on several factors, your local environment council may advise the removal of your tree for disease control, environmental, and safety reasons. Furthermore, removing a tree yourself opens up several risks to you and your family. Jacaranda trees should be cut down safely and properly to avoid the heavy-hanging branches from crashing into private property, utilities, and passers-by. At Trees Down Under, we are a team of tree care specialists specialising in Jacaranda tree removal. We provide tree services within the NSW environmental regulations to ensure safety and efficiency for any tree removal requests. Call us on your most convenient hour and experience prompt and reliable Sydney tree removal and bring out the best in your garden.

Jacaranda Tree Pruning & Trimming Sydney

Jacarandas take significant space when they fully mature—to which tree owners usually request for pruning services. However, pruning Jacarandas will not only disrupt its natural umbrella shape but also send up water sprouts shooting out from branches. That means once you pruned your tree, you’ll need to regularly maintain it and cut off unwanted vertical shoots as soon as they grow. But that doesn’t mean pruning your Jacaranda is forbidden. If it’s slowly reaching power lines, roofs, and other properties, we recommend having a professional Sydney arborist take care of unwanted growth. Send us your tree situation and learn more about our Jacaranda tree pruning and trimming services. we’ll arrive at your property equipped to provide bespoke tree care solutions that suit your needs.

We Remove Jacaranda Trees in Sydney

Do you seek an experienced, affordable, and efficient team of tree care specialists to remove your Jacaranda tree in Sydney? Most people will say a sizable chainsaw is enough to take down a Jacaranda tree. But taking up the task alone and without proper protective equipment and knowledge can be dangerous. Heavy-hanging branches and unplanned tree felling can often worsen, damaging property or severely injuring nearby people. At Trees Down Under, we’ve seen and dealt with everything an arborist can encounter. We’ve removed small to massive trees for over 30 years and have maintained a safe and efficient workplace for our beloved customers. We take pride in our extensive tree care knowledge and ability to develop tailored solutions for unique tree circumstances, be it removing a massive Jacaranda tree inch from the nearest house or landscaping vast lawns. Let us know about your tree situation at 0475 463 597 and learn more about our Jacaranda tree removal and maintenance services. Other types of trees we remove in Sydney include:

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Darryl Dunger
2. June, 2023.
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Brad Cook
16. March, 2023.
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22. February, 2023.
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Eternal Cleaning
16. February, 2023.
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