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Eucalyptus Tree Removal

Eucalyptus trees are among the favourites of arborists and tree enthusiasts due to their fast-growing nature and their many uses. This huge group of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants are native to Australia and can be found all over the continent. About three-quarters of forests in the continent (over 100 million hectares) are eucalyptus forests.

What is a Eucalyptus Tree 

Eucalyptus belongs to the Myrtaceae family. There are about 800 species and subspecies of this plant found in the continent of Australia. Every state and region has its own representative of eucalyptus. Eucalypts vary in size. Some can be small bushes (less than 1 metre in height) while others can be towering trees (up to 60 metres in height). The large species of eucalypts are reported to live up to 250 years.

The adaptive capabilities of this family of plants are impressive. They can survive the harshest of environments and propagate. They can live in marshes, rainforests, and even in rocky mountain ranges. Unless you live in an area in the middle of the driest desert, you’ll surely see a eucalyptus tree around your vicinity. They also grow so quickly that they are considered to be very aggressive to other plants.

However, due to their sturdiness and wide distribution, eucalypts play a major role in the preservation of biodiversity in Australia. They support a lot of native animal and insect species, especially those that are classified as endangered and threatened. The said animals greatly depend on eucalyptus plants for their dwelling and food.

This evergreen plant also has tons of uses for us humans. Its various parts are used as medicine, active ingredients of perfumes and cosmetics, food flavouring, insect repellants, and health supplements.

Despite the benefits the eucalypts provide, it is still important to know that their propagation should still be controlled. If their number in a certain area has reached a certain proportion in relation to the other plant species, a phenomenon called allelopathy can occur. The eucalyptus plants produce certain chemicals that prevent or stop the growth of other plants nearby. In short, too many eucalypti can kill your roses and hydrangeas in your garden and orchards.

Eucalyptus Tree Removal Experts Sydney

Eucalyptus plants grow and spread very fast. These types of plants are considered to be invasive species in other countries like the US. They are said to congest a certain area and compete with other plant species which ultimately kill off the latter. As eucalypts can be sometimes considered a nuisance, it is understandable if you choose to have them removed.

The need to remove eucalyptus trees becomes apparent when the safety and security of people in the area are at risk. The small bushes are easy to remove while the large trees would need the proper tools and equipment to remove them safely and efficiently. For this reason, you’ll need the services of experienced, reliable tree removalists to help you with the tasks.

In addition, If the tree in question is more than 12 metres high and has a circumference of more than 1.5 metres, there are laws to follow. You’ll need the approval of your local council before you can cut down and remove the tree. We, at Trees Down Under, can help you. We’ll make sure that all requirements are met before we proceed with the removal of your eucalyptus tree. In Sydney 

Eucalyptus Pruning & Trimming Sydney

Pruning and trimming your rapidly spreading eucalyptus trees are essential in order to keep them in control. This is especially true in the early stage of the tree’s life. You want to shape and control the growth and spread of the eucalyptus tree on your Sydney property. Such activities are essential to protect the tree, ensure healthy growth, and maintain balance in the ecosystem.

It is recommended to prune and trim the eucalyptus tree during the summer. These trees bleed when their barks and branches get damaged. The hot weather can help speed up the healing process.

On the other hand, there are species of eucalyptus that need to be pruned regularly for them to be healthy and have controlled growth and shapes.

Here are some of the procedures our arborists at Trees Down Under perform on eucalyptus plants:

  • Hedge pruning
  • Coppicing
  • Pollarding
  • Specimen pruning

We Remove Eucalyptus Trees in Sydney

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Just provide us with your requirements over the phone so our team of tree experts will come to your location fully equipped and prepared to perform your requested eucalyptus tree removal and other services.

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