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Camphor Laurel Tree Removal

Do you have an old Camphor Laurel tree you want trimmed, pruned, or removed from your Sydney property? Don’t let this ornamental tree be the root of your garden’s evitable ruin.

Call Trees Down Under, your one-stop solution for Camphor Laurel tree removal in Greater Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

Camphor laurel trees can grow in the most undesirable spots—under power lines, garden fences, and wherever birds deposit the seeds. This invasive garden ornamental tree aggressively replaces Australia’s endemic flora and is known to impact native wildlife and pastures over the country.

Camphor laurels are excellent natural insect repellants and nobody can say no to their distinct camphor scent. But as the tree can be invasive to the Australian ecology, it’s a no-brainer to have arborists keep their population under control.

What is the Camphor Laurel Tree

Camphor laurel (Cinnamomum camphora) originated from Asia and was introduced into Australia in 1822. It is classified as a category 3 restricted invasive plant by the New South Wales government and other neighbouring states and territories.

The evergreen tree can grow up to 20 metres in height with a massive root system known to block drains and crack concrete structures. Under the Biosecurity Act of 2014, camphor laurels should not be sold, given away, or released into the environment.

It may seem harmless as it perfectly complements large garden areas, public path walks, and has an excellent shade to cool off Australia’s streets. But the invasive camphor tree replaces native blue gums, which are natural koala habitats, thereby threatening blue gums and wildlife inhabiting it.

Moreover, camphor laurels are notorious for their prolific seed production and absence of serious predators or diseases. Since mature camphor trees can be massive, removing them can be dangerous and expensive.

These attributes highlight the tree’s weed status and is known to grow in virtually any condition and location in Sydney. Without a reliable Sydney arborist who understands camphor laurels, you might end up spending a lot to cut down a tree only to find budding seedlings sprouting a few weeks later.

Camphor Laurel Tree Removal Experts Sydney

The NSW Government advises landowners to control isolated camphor laurel trees as soon as possible actively.

The government has suggested several ways of controlling the growth of camphor laurels. If you have a mature tree in your garden over 10 cm in diameter, you can have a professional tree arborist cut it down and grind the stump off the ground. The root system must be taken care of to prevent sprouts from re-establishing on your property.

This tree species massively affects Sydney’s local ecology. But you don’t need to worry about tree removal, as Trees Down Under have all the tools, skills, and knowledge at your disposal.

We house a team of arborists who breathe NSW environmental regulations and understand the dynamics of flora, fauna, and dwelling. Name your place and time and our team will arrive at the dot to efficiently and safely remove unwanted trees like no other.

Camphor Laurel Tree Pruning & Trimming Sydney

Like every other evergreen tree, pruning and trimming mature camphor laurel trees require skill and an artistic touch.

If you’re not planning to remove the tree just yet, proper pruning techniques should bring out its best form and shade without sacrificing strength and stability. You don’t want to prune every odd branch only to leave the tree imbalance and at risk of falling on your home.

Pruning camphor laurels help redirect growth to desired areas. If you want to maximise its shade with a strong canopy or remove unwanted foliage and diseased areas, contact our specialist Sydney arborists today.

Depending on your camphor laurel tree’s age, size, and characteristics, the skill level and equipment required for pruning and trimming will vary. To avoid unwanted situations, it’s best to leave the tree pruning & trimming job to trusted professionals.

For Sydney landowners, that’s Trees Down Under!

Send us your tree situation and we’ll arrive at your property, ready to perform all tree services you need.

We Remove Camphor Laurel Trees in Sydney

Do you need an experienced, affordable, and efficient team of tree experts to remove your camphor laurel tree in Sydney?

Trees Down Under is a team of professional tree removalists with over thirty years of experience handling the toughest tree services. We’ve seen and done it all, from maintenance, trimming, pruning, hedging, to tree removal.

Call us today on 0475 463 597 for more information about our camphor laurel tree removal and maintenance services.

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