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5 Common Garden Emergencies You Shouldn’t Ignore

Gardening is not just about digging a hole, place the plant, cover it with the dirt, water and watch it grow. There are plenty of problems that you will encounter and can plague your garden. Fortunately, there are certain solutions to your garden problems. 

Garden issues do not discriminate, so it is best to get a basic understanding of these common garden problems and learn how to deal with them accordingly.

  1. A tree planted too close to the yard wall

One of the most common garden problems we encounter is choosing an inappropriate area to plant the trees. Which results in a damaged boundary or backyard walls, lifting of pavement and even tree roots interfere with the house foundations. 

If you notice that the tree is starting to show signs of interfering in your boundary walls or pavement, have it removed or transplant while it is still young. Plant your trees accordingly by following these simple measures.

  • Small trees’ recommended distance is at least 1.5 meters from the boundary wall
  • Larger trees’ distance from the boundary wall is at least 4 to 7 meters
  1. Digging, turning and raking of fallen leaves

Another costly and damaging gardening practices are exposing your soil’s healthy microorganism through digging and turning. This practice is known as cultivating which dates back many years and it’s still etched in the minds to many homeowners presently.

Most of us are familiar with the concept of forking and digging that we don’t realize is that it does more harm to the soil than good. Exposing the microorganisms to the air and heat slowly degrades the soils’ quality. It will not only compromise or harm your plants, but it can also harden the soil and later lead to drainage problems.

Instead of cultivating, protect your soil by adding the following garden materials to provide food for your plants.

  • Layers of compost and mulch
  • Plant groundcovers
  • Leave the fallen leaves in the bed instead of raking
  1. Inefficient irrigation trenches system

Although some irrigation problems have simple fixes, you will need to identify the problems first before taking the necessary action. These are the common irrigation problems you will encounter and plan on how to resolve it accordingly.

  • Clogged sprinklers caused by tiny debris
  • Obstructed sprinklers are difficult to track
  • Poor quality layout  

A well designed and installed landscape irrigation system can provide a number of great benefits to your garden: 

  • An irrigation system will help you water your plants every day
  • You don’t have to worry about g remembering to water your landscape 
  • Keep you from needing the garden hose and do the physical labour
  • Effective and efficient than watering it on your own

With a number of great benefits, there are certain obstacles also that can cause your irrigation to deliver its purpose. Poor quality of installation irrigation system and trenches cause numerous problems in your garden.

  1. Garden pest and diseases

Garden pests and diseases can’t be taken lightly as it can lead to serious damage to your garden. Although pest and plant disease are two different things that need attention accordingly. 

In order to prevent pests and plant diseases, it is important to give your plants proper growing conditions such as:

  • Plenty of air circulation to avoid fungal spores attaching from the leaves
  • Don’t water the leaves, instead, start watering at the base of your plant
  • Place fresh mulch during your plants’ growing season to avoid spores from attaching to the leaves
  • Take out the leaves from the base to avoid spreading of the disease

There are several ways and interventions to keep your plants healthy and safe. However, by manually removing the main culprit or the infected leaves and worms is more rewarding than placing pesticides in your flower beds.

  1. Poor soil preparation and compost

Soil provides access to nutrients, water and air. It also helps in stabilising the plants’ roots. However, proper soil preparation is often neglected since it is time-consuming and requires intensive labour. 

Soil is vital in preparing your garden. It will not only allow plants to grow and recycle nutrients, it even provides shelter to a multitude of organisms. If you want a flourishing garden and avoid costly expenses, follow these simple steps in preparing for your next garden project.

  • Remove rocks, rubbles and any foreign objects in your soil
  • Layer a generous amount of compost
  • Add some organic fertiliser once you’re ready to plant
  • Avoid digging or forking your soil
  • Simply spread the compost on top of your soil

How to keep my garden safe and healthy?

You are not alone when it comes to your garden emergencies. If you start to notice signs that your garden needs attention, resolve it right away to avoid piling up of costly and expensive resolutions later on.

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