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5 Common Tree Diseases in Sydney You Should Know

Usually, when sickness and diseases come to mind, only humans and animals seem to get sick and acquire ailments from all around. however, that’s not really the case. Your plants and shrubs get sick too. Trees, especially, which can be home to so many animals, are also susceptible to host parasites and leeches that aren’t so good for the former. If you’re growing a tree in your backyard, be aware of the possible diseases your trees can have.

There are many tree diseases that can affect your trees. However, some diseases are really more common and known. These are diseases that have affected so many trees and are caused by the same reasons. Know more about the common tree diseases that might be making your trees sick. 

These are the most common tree diseases in Sydney that you should keep your eyes on:

Canker Disease

Canker Disease is one of the most common ailments of trees. What it does is this: it gives blisters to the bark and branches of the tree. This fungal infection comes from an open wound of one of the branches or barks which results in infection to other parts. When infections reach the trunk, splittings can occur over time. This kind of disease usually affects many trees like Eucalyptus, Maple and Oak trees. Watch out for any blisters on your tree.

Heart Rot Tree Disease

The Heart Rot Tree Disease is also another result of a fungal infection. When your trees are not well-maintained, i.e. lacks pruning and trimming from time to time, this disease might spread to the other parts of the tree. The infestation of pests and insects also contribute to the spread of this sickness to the tree. If you have a tree, look out for the growth of any mushrooms or fungi. This can be a good indicator if your tree will eventually be infected by the disease.

Root Rot

Another disease that fungi can cause is Root Rot disease. One of the symptoms of the Root Rot is the wilting of leaves all of a sudden during the warm season. This disease is not as contagious to other trees around since the fungi are usually in the soil near the infected tree. As it is one of the most common problems with trees, it can easily be treated by your local arborist. Make sure to keep an eye on your tree’s leaves during the warm season.

Oak Wilt

The Oak Wilt diseases is a sickness that is spread by beetles to trees to Oak trees. Beetles bring a soil fungus with them and infect the tree fast. This diseases is very fast and can often kill a tree in a matter of months. Unfortunately, this disease is highly infectious and can spread to other trees in the same area. One of the Oak Wilt’s symptoms is having wilted leaves falling off from the Oak trees when the leaves should be green in colour. Take note of this.

Powdery Mildew Disease

If you notice any white or grey powder-like substance growing on the leaves of your tree, it might be infected with the Powdery Mildew Disease. This disease is more common in dry climates and can make spots larger as the infection progresses to other parts of the tree. Powdery mildew fungi cause this disease, although it can be cured with some fungicides available from your local tree doctors.


Tree diseases are just as rampant as animal and human diseases. It is important for tree growers to always look out for the symptoms if their trees are getting sick. Consult with your  local arborists and have your trees in healthy conditions.

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