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5 Australian Organisation that Help Prevent Bushfires

The scale of Australian bushfires has shocked people around the world. Bushfire is a catastrophic natural disaster that can destroy lives and properties. 

The latest and most destructive bushfires recorded in the country happened from 2019 to 2020. It has resulted in the loss of over 30 lives, destroyed around 3,000 homes, and affected nearly 3 billion animals.

Many organisations came to help put the fire out and support the victims. Both government and non-government groups are working together to lessen the impacts and prevent bushfires from destroying more and more lives and habitats.

Bushfire Help

Bushfire Help builds a connection between people, businesses, and various organisations to fulfil the same goal of minimising bushfire impact in Australia.

This organisation gathers initiative to become the largest help database in the country that can respond quickly to natural disasters like bushfires. Moreover, they build awareness by providing people with the latest bushfire issues and facts.

You can donate goods and money or volunteer to various organisations through Bushfire Help. They can help you play a significant role in preventing bushfires across the country.

WWF Australia

Australia’s World Wildlife Fund for Nature strives to conserve biodiversity and let people live in harmony with nature.

The organisation focuses on giving emergency support by rescuing and caring for fire-affected wildlife. They also take part in the recovery and future-proofing of the country to be ready for the fire seasons ahead.

WWF’s mission is to halt the natural environment’s degradation by protecting and restoring natural habitats affected by bushfires and other calamities.


CSIRO is a government entity operating under the Science and Industry Research Act 1949. They are Australia’s trusted advisor on fire management, prediction and recovery, solving the country’s greatest challenges through technology and innovation.

After the devastating 2019-20 bushfire season, the government called on CSIRO for assistance. They welcome the role of delivering practical resilience actions relating to climate change and bushfires.

The agency has state of the art facilities and frameworks to understand, manage and predict fires under future climates. They train all state agencies on fire prediction and behaviour to establish effective strategies in reducing the severity of impact.

NSW Rural Fire Service

During a bushfire emergency, the first ones to call on are the firefighters. There are various firefighter organisations in the country, including the New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

The NSW Rural Fire Service has over 72,000 volunteers, making up 2,000 brigades across the state. They claim to be the world’s largest volunteer firefighting organisation, with volunteers coming from different states.

This multitude of unpaid volunteers put their lives and jobs on hold to tackle the blazes and save wildlife.

One Tree Planted 

This non-profit organisation in Australia is on a mission to help the environment by planting trees. Australia’s forests require continuous care and management to improve tree health and protect wildlife.

This simple action will help reduce the risk of destructive bushfires in the future. One Tree Planted works with environmental organisations and local landowners to keep Australian bushlands and forests healthy and safe.

They help local groups establish and plant the right kind of trees for a specific area as trees may serve different purposes.

On top of that, they undertake fire-damaged land recovery and habitat restoration for native species such as koalas, sugar gliders, and echidnas.


Preventive measures are the key to minimising bushfire impacts. That’s why organisations such as CSIRO, WWF and One Tree Planted work to conserve and protect diversity.

On the other hand, Bushfire Help and NSW Rural Fire Service take action during bushfire emergencies to put the fire out and save lives.

All organisations with the same goal can take part in preventing bushfires across the country. We at Trees Down Under carry out our role in protecting trees and greeneries through our professional tree services in Sydney.

With all of us working together, the country can make a big difference and conserve our environment from catastrophic bushfires.

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