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The Best Shade Trees for Your Backyard

One of the first lessons we learned about trees when we were young is that trees absorb the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and provide us with oxygen. On that note, you should understand how important and beneficial it is to have trees in your yard. One highly recommended type of trees for Australian homes is shade trees. 

As its name suggests, shade trees provide a screen or shade from the sun, especially during the hot and humid summers in the country. As a result, it can protect you from harmful UV rays and provide a cooling effect for your yard. Furthermore, shade trees can also cool your home so you can save on your air-conditioning and cooling expenses.

There are plenty of shade trees available in Australia to choose from. To help you pick, we have listed below the top 10 shade trees you can plant in your backyard.

  1.  Magnolia “Teddy Bear”

Among the Magnolia cultivars available in Australia, the Magnolia ‘Teddy Bear’ is perfect for the sunny seasons. This cute and compact tree can go as a feature tree or shade tree in any garden, big or small. Moreover, the Magnolia ‘Teddy Bear’ boasts of its glossy dark-green leaves with a bronze underside to add colours and life to your yard.

  1. Japanese Maple

Another favourite shade tree for Australian backyards is the Japanese Maple. More than providing a cooling screen for your home in the summer, this tree also offers an eye-catching display of colours in the autumn season. 

  1. Tulipwood

Tulipwood is an excellent evergreen for a medium-sized yard. The pleasant and rich foliage of this tree will be an attractive addition to your backyard since the Tulipwood is popularly known as an ornamental tree.

  1. Cercis “Forest Pansy”

This tree is probably one of the most in-demand shade trees for any backyard. The Forest Pansy has a V-shaped form and a lovely purple foliage that offers informal screening. Moreover, the foliage of this tree changes with the season, from burgundy in spring, to purple-tinged green in summer, and gold and peach in autumn. 

  1. Lilly Pilly

Lilly Pilly is also deserving of a spot in the shade trees to plant in your yard. Whether a shrub or a tree, Lilly Pillies are known for its lush and dense foliage which creates an excellent screen or shade, which is why this tree is ideal for hedging and informal screening

  1. Dwarf Flowering Gum

This dwarf Eucalyptus tree is known for its relatively small stature which only ranges from 3 m to 6 m. Nevertheless, the canopy of this tree can still produce shade that can screen your yard from the harsh sunlight. Aside from informal screening, the Dwarf Flowering Gum is also popular for its large vibrant flowers which come in the various colours such as white, pink, red and orange.

  1. Tahitian Lime

Another shade tree to consider for your yard is the Tahitian Lime tree. This medium-sized citrus tree has glossy evergreen leaves that grow into a thick foliage, making it ideal for hedging. More than that, this tree will be perfect for your yard since it bears flowers and citrus fruits that can be harvested any time.

  1. Tree Waratah

The tree Waratah or Red Silky Oak can offer your backyard a cool shady spot in the summer due to its dense foliage and spreading canopy. Moreover, this tree can be a feature and ornamental tree, especially in the spring when its large and vibrant red flowers bloom.

  1. Golden Robinia

Golden Robinia is an attractive shade tree to place in your backyard. This fast-growing deciduous tree has a bright green foliage and a round form that offers a soft screen from the sun. The Golden Robinia tree also provides an attractive colour exhibit from its golden yellow autumn leaves and white fragrant flowers in the spring.

  1. Yellow box

This shade tree is common in Australia as a street tree. However, the Yellow box or Eucalyptus melliodora, is also an excellent backyard tree. With its wide canopy and oval foliage form, this evergreen tree can provide you with a large backyard shade during sunny days.


There are many reasons why you should plant trees in your backyard. Aside from adding value and beauty to your outdoor space, they can also offer fresh air and cooler surroundings. Shade trees, in particular, offer a screen and cooling shade in your backyard during the sunny and hot seasons. 

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