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Best Time to Do Pollard Tree Pruning

For some, tree pruning is a form of art. Proper pruning is essential in developing a tree to create a strong structure and desirable form. However, pollarding is a difficult tree pruning technique that requires cutting off most of the tree’s branches. 

Pollarding is usually done to a large growing tree or deciduous tree that sprouts readily after pruning. Naturally, the response of a tree after pollarding is to generate sprouts at the site of the cut. 

Pruning trees at a young age is advisable. If your plant has received the appropriate pruning measures while it is still young, it will require less corrective pruning as they mature. In order to achieve the desired outcome, you have to follow specific methods or techniques.

Look for certified arborists or tree experts who can accommodate your tree pruning needs.

When should I prune my tree?

An important aspect of pruning is knowing when to prune your plants. Proper timing helps to ensure attractive, healthy and productive plants. When pruning your trees, it is best to perform pollarding when the tree is in its dormant season. Particularly, during the late winter season until early spring.

  • Summer – December to the end of February
  • Autumn – March to the end of May
  • Winter – June to the end of August
  • Spring – September to the end of November

Australia’s geographical size has something to do with the country’s wide amount of climate variations.

  • Southeast and West sides have a comfortable climate and do not elevate to incredible extremes
  • Northern parts have two well-defined, climate-based seasons: 
  1. wet – roughly November to April
  2. dry – April to November

How to apply for pruning permit?

Under the state government’s policy, if you want to prune or remove a tree on private property, there are certain guidelines and rules to follow. Depending on the tree species or condition of the tree and the type of pruning it requires, it must follow the development control plan tree management controls’ guidelines.

These are the following steps on how to process your application for pruning or tree removal:

  1. Lodge a prune or remove a tree application including a $75 application fee
  2. In identifying the situation or the tree’s condition, Lodge a development application including a $110 application fee and $535 notification fee.

Moreover, if your tree falls in these categories, a development consent will no longer be required. The following exemptions are:

  • The tree is dead or dying
  • An imminent risk to human life
  • The substantial property 

In considering the status of the trees, you should provide the following information:

  • Visual or images of the tree’s condition
  • A statement that verifies the current or future condition of the tree
  • The level of risk the trees present
  • Provide a report from a level 3 arborist before or immediately after the event works

How many days will the application process take?

They will evaluate your application within 28 days. If you have not been notified after the assessment period, it’s likely that they refuse your application for pruning or tree removal.

How to appeal?

Under the state government’s policy, you will be given the right to appeal within 3 months if they refuse your application.

Penalties for pruning or removing trees without permission

Depending on the seriousness of your offence, violators will be given or issued with the following penalty:

  • Infringement notice
  • Prosecuted for unauthorised tree removal
  • Unauthorised pruning in either 

A maximum amount of $500,000 of penalty for individuals, while $52 million for companies for violating these laws.

Hire a licensed and qualified arborist

Trees require attention and maintenance during their lives. To avoid unnecessary mistakes, look for professionals who know their craft and will give you appropriate actions. You can always count on Trees Down Under to do the job.

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