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Best Time to Trim Your Moreton Bay Fig

Known as one of the largest trees in Australia, the Moreton Bay Fig is an enormous giant that is hard to miss in any landscape. It is also known as the Australian Banyan and is a native in Eastern Australia. Moreton Bay Fig or Ficus macrophylla is a strangler fig. Meaning, it starts on the surface of a host tree, like its canopy, and eventually grows enough to strangle its host. It then grows bigger and wins over with its gigantic structure.

The Moreton Bay Fig is just like any other plant that requires constant care and attention to thrive. It needs maintenance to make sure that it’s growing equally in all areas at the same time keeping its structure well-groomed. Make sure to perform the regular trimmings for your Moreton Bay Fig to take care of any dense foliage that may be blocking too much sunlight. Do this regularly to prevent any challenges in the future coming from overgrowths.

Moreton Bay Fig’s size

Mature Moreton Bay Figs can grow to as tall as 200 feet in height. Its crown size might even be bigger depending on how wide the tree grows. As these trees grow big, it also means that it sports a massive root system to support its life. This kind of Fig provides a good source of shade to surrounding areas. If a tree is gigantic, how exactly can you trim it well? The Australian Banyan’s big structure will give enough challenge alone for any trimming. When trimming these kinds of big giants, timing and consistency are crucial for success.

Trimming Moreton Bay Fig

The Moreton Bay Fig is a member of the genus Ficus. This tree has fruits all year round but has more abundant fruiting during the Spring season. Trim the Moreton Bay Fig during the Spring season by starting with its fruits first. This way, there will be less heavy fruit droppings from the tree which can cause accidents. After the first trim with the ripe fruits, you

You can also opt to give your Moreton Bay Figs a regular trim or a constant trim to promote healthier and lusher foliage growth. Do this once the trees are more mature in age. Cut back branches that are growing too close to main branches to promote better fruits. If the branch is growing less than 45 degrees from the main branch, cut it off to give space for better branches that can give tastier fruits.


Due to its enormous size, trimming the Moreton Bay Fig can be a real challenge. You might experience this when the tree is fully grown and growing still. However, with the right kind of tools and proper planning, it’s not impossible. You can conquer the big size of the Moreton especially with the help of expert tree trimmers in Trees Down Under. Don’t let the Moreton Bay Fig be a big problem for you. All you need to do is consult with your trusted tree specialists for your perfect tree trimming.

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