Common Garden Pests in Australia

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Australia is one of the biggest countries in the world. As a big mass of land with a lot of residents, it holds many surprises too. It is also home to so many wildlife and flora. You can consider it as one big giant pot of nature. As a result, this also means that there’s a vast range of species making your home their home too. The garden you have in your backyard can quickly turn into an ideal habitat. Unfortunately, it’s also a good attraction to pests that can harm your garden.

You must do a check on your plants and your yard from time to time. Lest you want to one day wake up and find out that a colony of weird-looking crawlies have been building a home, maintain your gardens too. This is where Trees Down Under can come and help you. We will tell you the pesky ones to look out for. These common garden pests don’t have to stay for long once you spot them.


Beetles are adorable crawling insects that are entertaining to look at. However, they can cause a great threat to your garden plants and shrubs. They feed on root systems of plants. Beetles that go through young plants can lead to the early demise of these shrubs. They can also cause nearby crops to wilt. Beetles leave areas of dead patches in the lawn. Would you want your yard to have some dead spots? Not! To deal with beetles, use high mulch layers to act as barriers before they start munching on your plant layer underneath.


Since ancient times, locusts have caused more plagues and destruction to humans. Even worse they grow very fast in number. Locusts can swarm in very big volumes and eat away your garden shrubs easily. These can leave your garden in great damage. As such, you can use strategies to make sure that not a single locust can ever touch your yard. You can start by spraying Neem oil. It serves as a good repellent to locusts and prevents it from making a home in your yard.


One of the most common pests around the world is rats. Furthermore, rats are dangerous. They can easily find their way inside your homes too. These pests can grow very big and carry as many diseases everywhere. Rats reproduce in fast rates too. Before you know it, there isn’t only one rat in your backyard. There’s a group of them destroying shrubs around for food. If things go out of hand, get help from pest control services to deal with these harmful pests.  


Ants are one of the most natural pests in homes. Large populations of ants can lead to ant hills in your lawn. These can destroy the crops and shrubs you have leading to dead patches in the grass. These tiny crawlers can lead to your house and build a home in your electrical systems too. Not to mention, some species of ants have deadly bites too! Watch out.


As the leading contender for the most destructive pests around a.k.a termites. Termites can go through your garden just as much as it goes through your home. Termites cause major destruction to your backyard. They build tunnels and they can even leave wood structures hollow and weak. They infiltrate the soil and live in tree roots. Take care of these pests before they run around ruining everything in your garden. When you see termites, it’s time to call in pesticides.


Sometimes, crawlers tend to choose and turn specific. One example of this is aphids. Some aphids are specific to certain crops and shrubs too. One of their most common manifestations includes liquid, honey-like substances in your leaves and stems. Aphids exist in a multitude of colours. Spot white, green, yellow, black or brown, pear-bodied or oblong-shaped insects. Call Trees Down Under to prune the infested shrubs before they all get destroyed. 


Slugs are molluscs that are common to all. They are the slow crawlers that leave a trail of slime in their wake. Moreover, they come out at night-time which adds to the hassle. They love to eat away leaves that might leave your beautiful flora full of holes that shouldn’t be. There are plenty of ways to make sure that they don’t extend their stay in your yard. You can set up traps that they can hide in during the daytime. When they’ve gathered, get rid of them naturally.


Little insects and critters aren’t uncommon to all kinds of garden setting. These creatures tend to find nature and do their natural process of building homes wherever suitable. However, it turns as a nuisance to your beautiful environment. If you want someone to help you in building up measures to prevent these creatures’ infestation, we are here. As your landscape experts, we can work with you in keeping your gardens safe and bother-free. Don’t hesitate to call us!

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