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Difference Between Arborist and Tree Surgeon

You might have heard several terms around on tree removal services or tree maintenance in general. You might hear in everyday conversations some complicated words such as horticulturist and tree removalists. Moreover, there are also other technical terms like arborist and tree surgeons. You might hear them a lot and you might start thinking they mean the same thing, but the question is, do they really?


According to the Cambridge Dictionary, an arborist is this: “a person whose job is to take care of trees and make sure that they are healthy and safe.” Safe to say, that when you call for your local tree service firm nearby, your arborist is responsible for maintaining your tree and making sure that its growth and health is in the best condition. The arborist is knowledgeable in making sure that your tree is in the best well-being and looks as good in landscape settings too.

Arborists are knowledgeable about factors that affect tree maintenance. They study the surrounding soil of the tree and they can tell best which environments your tree can thrive in. They know best the available options if ever your tree gets sick or you just want to make it look better. You can think of your arborist as a general tree doctor. They might share a slight semblance of responsibility with tree surgeons, but they are definitely different in some degree. 

Tree surgeon

On the other hand, a tree surgeon does the same thing but with a bit more of a technical twist. Tree surgeons are responsible for treating trees and providing them with more medical care and surgery where it is necessary. Tree surgeons deal more with damaged trees. They also cut out unhealthy parts of the tree. They also perform repairs from damages to some parts of a tree to prevent further tree diseases from spreading around.

Part of the responsibilities of a tree surgeon is studying the surroundings of a tree. If ever they choose to cut a tree down or remove some branches from a sick tree, they need to make sure that everything in the area is safe. They make sure that other trees in the area aren’t affected or brought down by a falling tree. To maintain the tree, tree surgeons also have the proper training in finding the proper places to cut.  This way, they prevent the disease from spreading further.  


On a more general outlook, an arborist and a tree surgeon still share a degree of comparison to a certain extent. However, you can think of it this way: your arborist is your tree doctor in general practice for tree care. Meanwhile, on a more practical aspect, your tree surgeon is your tree doctor who can perform the surgery your arborist recommends. They are not the same, but they can work hand in hand to make sure your tree is in impeccable condition.

Although tree surgeons and arborist are different, they should share the same thing: training and certification. Not everybody with an axe or a chainsaw can effectively do a tree surgery and not everyone who is well-informed in trees can take the best care for a tree. Both arborists and tree surgeons undergo deep training to acquire their license and certifications. These people undergo years of practice to make sure your tree is in good hands.

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