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DIY Tree Crown Lifting

The growth pattern of trees is beautiful in their natural way. However, if you let trees grow undisturbed, they may overgrow. Low visibility, accessibility, and brightness are some problems you may encounter with an overgrown tree. When this happens, you need not take drastic measures and remove the tree immediately. Try crown lifting, and see how this process can instantaneously take away the said problems without harming the tree.

What is Tree Crown Lifting?

Crown lifting is a pruning technique wherein you cut the lower limbs of the tree to lift the height of the base of the foliage. This provides the tree with a taller canopy and more clearance area underneath. 

Tree Crown Lifting Procedure

Crown lifting is a straightforward process. You only need the proper cutting tools like a saw and pruning shears and a pair of gloves. Once you have these pieces of equipment, you’re good to go.

Step 1: Examine the tree

Do an initial assessment of the tree. Look at the tree at different points of view and from afar. This would help you estimate how far up the tree you need to remove the branches. 

Step 2: Cut the lower small branches

Start cutting the lowest branches. Make sure to get a clean cut that is slightly angled. Also, provide at least a 5 mm allowance before the trunk of the tree to prevent damaging the main stem should there be decay or infection from the cut.

To give you a pro tip: start cutting from the underside of the branch until you’re ⅓ through. Then, cut the branch completely from the top. This technique not only gives you a clean cut, it also minimises damage and allows the tree to heal correctly.

Step 3: Remove large branches carefully

You need extra caution when removing large branches, as doing so produces large wounds that would significantly affect the tree’s health. Cutting large tree limbs could cause stress and even lead to decay. That’s why you need to cut large branches one step at a time. 

Reduce the length bit by bit until you reach that 5 mm allowance before the main trunk. Cutting large branches this way produces less damage to the tree. It’s also safer for you since you won’t worry about supporting and carrying the weight of the whole branch because they’re cut into pieces.

Benefits of Tree Crown Lifting

Tree crown lifting is more than just a garden beautification technique. It is also practical and beneficial in so many ways. Here are some reasons why you need to lift your tree’s crown:

Healthier Tree

Crown lifting, when done correctly, results in a healthier tree because of increased light and air. Reducing the lower branches also allows the tree to redirect its nutrients and resources to other branches and parts.

More clearance area

This is perhaps the main reason why you need to lift the height of the base of your tree’s crown. Clearing the lower branches of your tree provides more access and visibility below the tree. This is especially helpful when a tree is blocking the view of drivers and the way of cars and passers-by. 

Reduce interference

More clearance area means that the lower branches of your tree would not obstruct other structures like fences, cable lines, and other plants. 

Increase light levels

More branches and a thick canopy equal more shade. Reducing the lower branches of your tree is the best alternative to cutting down the entire tree. Crown lifting allows more light to pass through, thus, more brightness and clarity.


Tree crown lifting can beautify the tree and, consequently, your garden. Cutting down the lower branches makes the tree proportionate and more appealing. More than that, it also illuminates your garden so that you can see your whole landscape vividly. 


Tree crown lifting can be a DIY task. You don’t need expert knowledge and skills to do this process. It also doesn’t require complicated tools and equipment – a saw and a pair of gloves will suffice. 

However, you still need to have enough knowledge of trees and safe pruning techniques. Cutting large branches incorrectly can cause trees stress and prolong their recovery process. This can also cause fungal diseases and pest infestation and can lead to death in the long run. 

If you don’t want to take risks, better leave the work to the professionals. At Trees Down Under, we take every tree-related jobs seriously. We understand that anything we do to trees can cause significant stress and damage to them. That’s why our trained arborists strive to get the job done safely and correctly. We have the right tools, skills, and knowledge to cut and prune trees in the safest way possible.

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