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How Many Trees Are Planted Everyday in Australia?

Australia’s foliage and tree population are massively diverse, with thousands of tree species spanning various lengths and life spans. As a country with 17% of forest cover, you might wonder how many trees are planted daily in the country.

To give you an accurate figure about Australia’s tree trend, we looked into private and government data to determine an accurate estimate and its impact on the environment.

Australia’s Forestry Industry and Wildlife Conservation

Knowing the size of Australia’s forestry industry is crucial to estimating how many new saplings grow in Australian soil. As of 2018, more than 70,000 people are employed in the forestry and processing industries. That excludes volunteers and non-profits who implement tree-planting initiatives in forest reserves and critical areas.

The sheer number of employees and volunteers actively participating in the tree-planting advocacy is important in justifying the number of trees planted daily.

Furthermore, the increasing demand for forest products and a drive toward preserving Australia’s indigenous forests are diving daily figures. That’s because the country only harvests 0.06% of its forest cover for production and keeps roughly 2 million hectares protected in critical locations.

Industry, Government, and Non-Profits Driving Numbers

As Australia’s food and wood industries grow, local councils implement tree-planting initiatives to curb the impact of deforestation and replenish lopped trees. Statistics show that Aussies are planting more than 191,700 trees daily or up to 70 million trees annually.

WWF: Towards Two Billion Trees

In 2018-2022, Australia also allocated $20 million to ramp up its timber and wood industry, pushing it further with non-profit initiatives like WWF Australia. Towards Two Billion Trees is a WWF-Australia initiative aiming to save 780 million trees and grow 1.56 billion new trees over a ten-year goal.

In other words, the non-profit looks forward to planting about 427,400 trees daily. This is quite far from the real-life figure stated above, but the 100K figure only counts trees planted by industries and excludes non-profits.

If we include environmental volunteers in the picture, we’ll get closer to WWF’s ten-year goal.

Landcare Australia: 20 Million Trees Program

The Australian Government’s National Landcare Program commits to planting 20 million native trees across the country over five years. That’s roughly equal to 11,000 trees a day. This initiative aims to generate a self-sustaining ecosystem that provides habitat for native wildlife and restores threatened ecological communities.

The 20 Million Trees Program connects local communities to Landcare organizations and volunteers to cover acres of barren land, curb Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, and capture carbon from the atmosphere.

Trillion Trees Australia

Formerly known as the Men of the Trees, Trillion Trees Australia has planted over 15 million trees and understory. In 2021, the non-profit organisation planted 54,000 trees – about 150 trees per day.

Quick Facts on Tree Planting

It’s great to see different organisations plant varying numbers of trees per day. But it’s just as crucial to know its impact on Australia’s climate.

Here are some quick facts about the impact of planting trees on Australia’s climate and biodiversity:

  • More than 1 million acres of forest reserves need new trees to cope up with long-term deforestation and wildfires.
  • Expert planters can plant saplings within 10 seconds, while volunteers can do so before a full minute with minimal training and sufficient equipment.
  • A fully-grown shade tree can make commercial spaces up to 6 degrees cooler during the summer.
  • Trees will improve Australia’s water quality, provide oxygen, and stabilize soil structure against flooding and erosion.
  • Planting trees support biodiversity and provide natural habitat, and helps protect endangered species.

Are We Cutting Down More Trees Than What We Plant?

Other countries have been significantly better at balancing tree planting and cutting for decades. However, that’s not the case for developing countries. But in a nutshell, we’re planting fewer trees annually than we are cutting them.

Local cutting services prove to have very little impact on the global average. Massive ground clearing and deforestation for commercial use offsetting our tree planting daily rate.

But by planting one tree when you can, you’re contributing to the global agenda and adding one more tree to Australia’s number of new saplings daily.

Final Thoughts

There isn’t a single answer as to how many trees were planted daily in Australia. You’ve seen how each non-profit, industry, and government agencies produce widely varying figures that span tens of thousands apart.

What matters is that each tree planted will grow healthy and contribute to preserving the country’s green space.

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