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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost in Sydney?

Trees are the linking pieces between the harmony of nature and the continuous development of Sydney. However, people tend to cut trees to give way for the infrastructures and buildings around the city. 

Aside from that, the potential risks of trees from falling in your properties or injuring your loved ones demand its removal. That said, how much does it cost to remove unwanted trees in Sydney?

Tree Removal Cost Estimates

The average cost of tree removal throughout Australia reaches $871 and ranges from $350- $10,000. In Sydney, the city-wide average pricing of tree removal falls around $949- $1,290. 

However, the given data is merely a rough estimate. When you’re getting your trees removed, the rule of thumb is to get ready for additional expenses depending on the size of your trees and other factors which we’ll discuss further.

Cost on Tree Sizes

Small Tree Removal

The small trees near your home could reach 1-1.5 stories high. Having a professional remove them would cost you $150-850. Examples of small trees common in Sydney are Lilly Pilly trees and Bottle Brush.

Medium Tree Removal

As high as one and a half to three storeys (1½ – 3), medium-sized tree removal would cost you roughly $650-1500. This includes Liquidambars, Silky oak, Casuarina and other trees with the same height.

Large Tree Removal

Significantly large trees such as Gum trees can reach more than three stories high. Also, there are other trees that could reach more than three stories and costs $1,500-3,000 to have an arborist remove them.

Extra Large Tree Removal

Who knows that you might encounter more than 50 metres trees such as Eucalyptus tree. Trees in this size are gigantic, costing you more than $5,000 to get them removed.

Removal Application Fees

Tree removal needs permission from the local council, and application fees are ranging from $50 to $150. Situations such as emergency ones and small trees in your property might not require permission. 

However, you’ll get fines of more than $5,000 for removing trees without a permit, though it requires one. So, it’s better to check the existing policies in your council before removing trees.

Cost-Adding Factors

Access to Tree Location

The level of difficulty to access your tree would add cost in the process. When it’s easier for truck and other equipment to get near the tree, the price is lower. But dragging your tree pieces by pieces from the back to the front yard will cost you higher.

Trunk Diameter

When trunks of your trees are bigger, expect for a double price. A wider diameter of the trunk is harder to get removed, and cost for tree removal depends on trunk sizes. 

Emergency Removal

Most of the emergency tree removal arise after severe storms and strong winds. In this situation, you’ll face more expensive removal process due to the following reasons:

  1. After severe storms, arborists are in-demand out there removing fallen trees. You’ll have difficulty to find one in these times.
  2. The danger of handling trees falling to your home, cars, powerlines and etc., aside from removing it after storms.
  3. It requires thorough planning for plant surgeon to remove your trees quickly and safely.

Tree Weight

Denser trees would cause a higher load to the equipment and truck, costing you much higher compared to smaller and lighter trees.

Number of Branches

The number of branches is also a factor in pricing. The cost you need in removing a huge gum tree with little foliage is similar to a small but dense Lily Pilli tree.

Spread of Branches

It looks similar to the number of branches, but it’s not. When your tree spreads long branches reaching your roof and other properties, arborist needs to climb or ‘branch walk’ to remove it safely.  

Trees with these branches need more time to get removed, thus adds to the price.

Duel Leaders/Trunks

It’s not uncommon to see gum trees with multiple trunks at the main base. It’s similar to removing two trees instead of one at a time, thus requiring an extra cost.

Tree Condition

Aside from storms-stricken trees, rotting or diseased trees are challenging to handle. It needs to get removed pieces by pieces requiring more time. Also, it requires safe handling to prevent the spread of disease to neighbouring trees.

Choosing Service Providers

When you’re dealing with small trees, a local gardener is suitable for this task and save you money. But for trees over one story, a qualified arborist is what you need to look for in removing it.

Other Factors

When you want your work done during the weekend or at night, that’s an additional cost. Also, obstacles or any toxic materials on-site making tree removal difficult will cost you higher. On top of these, some instances need tipping fees for the personnel working on your problem.

Services to Consider

Waste Removal

Most of tree removal service includes the clean-up of your premises. But confirm if it’s covered. Otherwise, you’ll deal with the clean-up of tree cuttings.

Stump Removal

You might assume that tree removal includes getting rid of the whole tree. But it’s only cutting the tree, and you’re left with a tree stump. Left stump on the ground makes the tree sprouts new branches and eventually grow again.

So it’s better to include stump removal service on the day the tree is cut down, and prevent your whole tree removal expenses into waste. 

Log splitting

You can make use of the removed tree for your fireplace. If you include log splitting service, surely you’ll have plenty of supply of firewood.

In a Nutshell

Trees give us unending benefits that anyone could ever ask for. However, in situations where trees are risky or hinder infrastructure ‒ you have to consider removing them. Besides, tree removal has a high price to pay for.

The cost you need for tree removal depends on the size, weight, diameter, condition, and many other factors. But in a risky situation, the safety that tree removal brings to your loved ones and properties is priceless. Also, removing trees give way to the positive development of the nation.

At Trees Down Under, we are your best partner in removing any sizes of trees in your area. We have qualified tree fellers ensuring to remove your trees in the safest and most efficient way possible. We also give 24-hour emergency tree removal services across Sydney.

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