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How Often Should You Do Tree Maintenance?

Trees play a significant role in maintaining the ecosystem and natural landscapes of Sydney. In addition, trees give a different level of beauty to your home exterior that other plants can’t provide. On the other hand, growing a tree on your lawn may require a sense of responsibility in taking care of it.

Tree maintenance includes all the methods of keeping your tree in its best condition, such as proper care, trimming, pruning and the likes. Thus, when you choose to grow trees in your premises, maintaining them is a must. Otherwise, injuries or accidents can happen due to your negligence and ignorance.

Moreover, improper care of trees can accumulate its dead or diseased trees, ready to fall any moment. Thus, maintaining an adequately scheduled trimming is essential to prevent it from falling to someone.

Aside from ensuring everyone’s safety, tree maintenance is essential in keeping your trees healthy, robust, and beautiful. To help keep your trees in their best condition, let’s discuss how often should you do tree maintenance.

Tree Maintenance

There’s a lot of reasons why you should have frequent tree maintenance in your yard. Here are some of the things you need to do in maintaining your trees:

  • Remove dead or diseased branches
  • Trim out foliages, so it’s not thick and dangerous
  • Prune lower limbs of trees to clear objects and views obstructed
  • Ask for an arborist how to properly care and maintain your trees

Maintaining your tree through pruning and trimming encourages new growth. You can expect that it gives you a sturdy tree, enhancing the tree’s aesthetics and allows for lush growth. Besides, it allows more sunlight to get through the plant.

Furthermore, trimming your trees reduces the weight of a dense canopy. Thus, providing more food and water by eliminating excessive and competing branches.

Tree Maintenance Schedule

Maintaining your tree depends on several factors such as type, size, age, and health of the tree. Some trees require more frequent trimming than other types. But it would help if you determine how fast your trees grow in terms of season.

  • Prune your trees during the dormant season or at the middle of the winter
  • Some trees grow faster when it gets old, thus requiring frequent pruning and trimming
  • Prune younger trees every 2-3 years
  • For mature trees, prune your tree every 3-5 years
  • Trim off the dead branches and other hazardous parts when the issue arises
  • Never trim more than 25 per cent of the foliage

Tree Types to Maintain

One way of maintaining the look and condition of the trees is by pruning or trimming it. However, cutting its part to boost the whole tree differs in every type of trees. Although there are more types, here are some of the trees you need to keep in mind when trimming or reducing foliage:

Fruit Trees

Trimming fruit trees encourages new growth and fruit yield. Thus it’s important to trim it once a year and suitably during its dormant months.


Evergreens shed its damaged or dead branches easily. It’s why you don’t need to do so much trimming with evergreens unless it’s causing a hazard.

Oak Trees

Compared to the first two, oak trees require a strict trimming schedule. It beneficial for the young tree when trimming is possible every two to three years. When it gets older, it’s optimal to trim it every three to five years.

Factors Affecting Frequent Maintenance 


Pruning your trees while young is same as getting a haircut- it removes the old part and trains for a finer structure. In this way, you’re making the tree prepare for its maturity with good form and structure.  You also reduce future pruning when it matures, thus lowering pruning cost over the years.


It’s a critical decision to place your tree in the right location. When planting a tree that grows 50 feet wide near your house, then you may need pruning and trimming as frequent than usual.

Try considering how large a mature tree can grow and give it enough space to grow. In this way, you won’t need frequent multiple prunings and maintain the excellent state of your trees.


It’s a good idea if you can prune or trim your tree once a year during the dormant season. In that way, it will maintain your tree to its full potential. However, there are circumstances when you need to do it immediately, such as:

  • When foliage obstructs view in a pedestrian or intersection
  • When suddenly the branches of trees interfere with power lines
  • When it can cause possible damage to your home or there’s a safety concern


Trees on the premises become one’s responsibility to maintain, ensuring it’s in the best condition and won’t cause any danger. Tree maintenance can give the potential aesthetics of your outdoors and landscapes. A well-planned schedule on trimming and pruning your trees can keep up the excellent condition of the plant.

Moreover, the types of trees in your area demand different schedules of maintaining. Yearly pruning of young trees is essential while mature plants require it every 3-5 years. 

At Trees Down Under, we can give expert advice on how frequent you should maintain your trees. Our qualified arborists can go to your place and provide ideas on how to manage your trees and even other plants in your landscape. 

Trees Down Under ensures that your trees won’t cause any danger and continue to look exceptional than ever. For all your tree maintenance needs, please call us at 0475 463 597 for a free estimate. We are the perfect answer to your garden.

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