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How to Prepare for Tree Felling

Tree felling is defined as the process of cutting down trees. But the job is more complicated than simply working your tools to cut and topple the tree over. Not to mention that tree felling is also deadly and dangerous. Between 2000 and 2016, the National Coronial Information Service has recorded more than 99 deaths due to tree felling and chainsaw use

If you’re new or an amateur to tree felling, tackling the process without any preparation may lead to a disastrous outcome. Even tree fellers who are experienced in the job find tree felling challenging, with some even committing fatal errors. Thus, expert or not, planning before beginning to cut trees is a crucial step not only to establish a safe work area but also to ensure efficiency at work.

Tree Felling Preparation

Planning is at the core of tree felling preparation. It also allows you to ensure smooth flow, minimise mistakes, and anticipate possible problems. The following are some points you need to consider in preparation for your tree-felling project.

Estimate the Tree Height

Before getting a hold of any tool, you first need to gauge the height of the tree you want to cut. This is a crucial safety measure, especially if you’re working near obstacles such as trees, establishments, and power lines. This allows you to estimate the safety distance you need to establish in felling the tree.

Locate the Felling Direction

Determine where your tree will fall by assessing it and considering factors such as wind direction, leaning direction, and side of branch abundance. Falling trees have the force and strength that’s deadly and destructive, so you need to make sure that the space along the felling direction is clear from anything and anyone. 

You also need to clear two paths 45 degrees opposite the felling direction for your escape route. You will have to place your tools and equipment on the opposite side of the felling direction.  

Clear Branches Around the Base and Trunk

Prune the branches and twigs on the base of your tree using an axe. This enables you to work with the felling cut without any hindrances. To increase safety, we recommend that you use a pulling chain and work from top to bottom.

Check for Diseases

Timber discolouration, brittleness and softness indicate that your tree is infested with diseases. If you have such a tree, you must be extremely cautious in felling it. It’s best if you cut the tree according to its natural felling direction and at a higher elevation so that it leaves a taller stump. Rot in trees declines as you go higher up the tree.

Determine the Right Tool and Cutting Technique

After clearing unwanted branches around the trunk, you can now begin cutting the tree. To identify the best tool and cutting technique to use, assess first the size and lead of your tree.

  • For small trees, you can use an axe to cut from both sides of the trunk. 
  • For slightly larger trees, you’ll need an axe and a bow saw to make the undercut and the horizontal back cut, respectively. 
  • For medium-sized and large trees, it is ideal that you use an axe for the undercut and a cross-cut saw for the horizontal back cut. This process creates a hinge that will guide the tree into your desired felling direction. Wedging is also a necessary step in tree felling large trees. 


Preparing for the tree felling job is a necessary step to ensure safety and efficiency while working. Even foresters and professional tree fellers still plan ahead and prepare for anything that might happen. That’s because every tree and situation is different and some tree requires special handling and skills to cut them correctly.

Small trees are easy to fell. However, cutting medium-sized and large trees requires more advanced skills and expertise. For safety reasons, it is not advisable for beginners to fell such trees. You will need a reliable company to do your tree felling needs fast and safely.

Trees Down Under is exactly the company that you’re looking for. We have an expert team of certified arborists and tree fellers to remove your tree safely and efficiently. When you book with us, we will immediately prepare for the job and plan a systematic flow. Aside from having the right tools, equipment and protective equipment, our team also has the experience and accuracy that tree felling jobs require. 

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