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How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy During Cold Weather

While it’s tempting to simply relax on a cold weekend since the yard is dormant and lacks the lustre appearance for a few more months. But, the cold season is the most critical time for lawns to survive. Thus requires your utmost attention for them to thrive during the cold weather.

Just like any garden plant, your lawn grows and responds differently across each season. Depending on where you live, you have to consider the variations of the soil and climate to provide the necessary nutrients for your lawn. If you’re not sure how to keep your turf healthy and strong throughout the cold weather, call a trusted lawn and gardening service provider in Sydney.

Professional arborists with the right skills and training will help you achieve the most coveted emerald-green lawn you’ve always wanted all year-round.

Basic Lawn Care Tips During the Cold Season

Know what are the basic lawn care tips to keep your grass strong and healthy all year long. While the cold weather sounds critical for your turf to thrive, there are ways to help it survive the colder months. Read on to find out in maintaining a healthy emerald-green lawn even in the colder season.

Remove grass clippings and leaves

On warmer months, you’re advised to leave the grass clippings to retain moisture and nutrients to the soil. But, your turf needs ample amount of air and sunlight to thrive during the cold months. Thus the need to remove the grass clippings and leaves to ensure that they will survive. 

Also, if you have trees on your property that blocks a huge area of your property, get it pruned as well. Pruning your trees will ensure that your lawn will get enough air and sunlight.

Soil aeration

High temperature coupled with a high volume of foot traffic will result in soil compaction. As the soil compresses, it prevents the roots from receiving the optimal amount of nutrients it needs to thrive the cold weather. With the help of your garden shovel or spading fork, you can either perforate the soil or turn it over. Aerate your lawn during 

Moreover, to prevent damages or soil compaction, it’s best to avoid walking or moving any heavy landscape equipment to your dormant lawn.

Avoid watering your lawn

Know when to water your lawn during the cold months. If the grass looks dry, water them early in the morning. Avoid overwatering your lawn because excessive soil moisture will leave the grass vulnerable to fungi and other grass-related diseases.

Fertilise your lawn

Fertilising your lawn will keep it healthy throughout the cold months. But, before you fertilise your lawn in the middle of the cold season, know what type of fertiliser you will use. You can either ask from your local store or have the professionals do them for you to avoid causing damage to your lawn. 

Also, if you want to keep your lawn strong and healthy all year long, you can feed your turf three times a year during these times.

  • Early Spring
  • Early Summer (before the season gets too hot)
  • Mid to Late Autumn

Knowing when to fertilise will help you achieve a healthy lawn. While fertilising early or at the wrong time will only encourage shoot growth instead of grassroots. And the worst thing that can happen is it will burn your grass eventually causing more damage. To maintain the emerald-green lawn, you can simply call a reliable landscaping services provider in Sydney. 


Whatever the season, it’s rarely easy to maintain a healthy and strong landscape. But by understanding what are the lawn care don’ts and not just the do’s, it will be easier for you to take care of your yard.

Also, by hiring professional arborists and skilled gardener, it guarantees you not only to preserve the upkeep of your lawn. Professional landscapers have the right tools and knowledge in keeping your lawn healthy and strong to withstand all types of season.

Trusted Landscaping Services Provider in Sydney

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