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How To Properly Dispose Of A Fallen Tree

Trees are massive, heavy plants that are supposed to be upright and sturdy. However, due to some circumstances, trees may be unable to withstand external factors and collapse. 

There are many reasons why a tree suddenly falls, and here are a few of them:

  • Extreme environmental conditions such as storms, strong winds, hurricanes, tsunamis, and the like can cause trees to become uprooted.
  • Tree diseases from fungal infection, pest infestation, and damage to the roots, trunk, and branches can either cause uprooting or break off the tree.
  • Trees with root problems like a shallow root system, root decay, and unsteady ground may also end up falling. 
  • Pruning and tree cutting has the goal of cutting trees or tree parts which can result in a fallen tree.
  • Old-aged trees are brittle and may easily topple over. 

How to Get the Most Out of a Fallen Tree

As mentioned, trees are heavy and bulky. So, when a tree falls, it may cause unwanted injuries to people and pets and damage properties where it lands. Aside from that, trees may also be a challenging piece to clean and dispose of. However, you can still make use of fallen trees such as by: 

1. Turning your tree into firewood

Firewood is an expensive commodity. So, if you have a fallen tree at your residence, you might want to cut them into chunks to become firewood for your fireplace. You can also sell them or use them for your backyard campfire ventures.

2. Using trees as lumber and furniture 

Some varieties of trees are strong and sturdy enough to serve as furniture. Mature trees like cherry, walnut, and redwood, still in good condition, can be cut into lumber and turned into wooden furniture pieces. They can also be saved for later use in wood crafts and projects.

3. Upcycling trees for landscaping

Fallen trees on the ground seem disastrous. However, you can change that idea upside down by upcycling tree trunks and branches. You can transform these tree parts into valuable statement pieces for your garden landscape. 

A tree trunk can be turned into a wooden bench, stumps can serve as table stands or seats, and large tree limbs can become rustic fence additions for a more attractive and eye-catching garden.

How to Properly Dispose of a Fallen Tree

If you want to get rid of the fallen tree in your yard, here are a few steps to dispose of it properly.

1. Do-It-Yourself Tree Disposal

Trees are considered green or yard waste. So, before you ready them for disposal, ensure that your area has a yard-waste recovery facility. Then, you can hire a truck or a dumpster to collect the massive chunk of a tree in your yard, and then you can clean up the leftover tree debris, such as the leaves, branches, and twigs. 

Afterwards, you can have the green waste hauled to the reclamation facility.

2. Tree Removal Services

Disposing of a fallen tree is an arduous and hazardous task. Trees are heavy and big, so carrying them alone would be difficult. Thus, doing the job yourself may not be a good idea.

At Trees Down Under, we understand the difficulties and risks of removing a fallen tree. That’s why we are here to take all the hassles and dangers of cutting the tree, carrying it, and transporting it away from you. With over 30 years of service in Sydney, not once did we fail to meet the standards of quality, efficient, and safe Sydney tree removal services. 

Our team of reliable and qualified tree fellers can handle trees of any size in your area. We also provide 24-hour emergency tree removal services across Sydney. Feel free to call us anytime at 0475 463 597 for a free quote.

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