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How to Prune Your Shrubs The Easy Way

If you’ve been doing garden landscapes and plant care a lot, then you probably have an idea of what pruning is. If not, then it is something new to learn. Pruning is another step in garden or landscape maintenance. Pruning is quite similar to trimming. When you prune, you’re essentially cutting away dead parts of the shrub or removing any overgrowth. Pruning is key in making sure that the shrub grows in a healthy manner and in the fashion that you want.

For anybody’s first time to prune, things are new. As such, pruning might be more difficult than expected. To make things easier, there are tons of tips and easy additions you can do to make sure that pruning turns more productive and fun than expected. Experts and professionals like Trees Down Under are around to give you a hand in making sure that pruning becomes a beneficial and sensible step in maintaining your garden. Apply these easy ways to make pruning enjoyable!

Prune shrubs timely

There is a right time to prune shrubs. Each species of shrub has its own time of the year for a more efficient pruning. Each shrub has its own season for productive growth that influences how the shrub grows. Know your shrub well and time your pruning session to maximise the shrub, especially if it is the flowering kind. When you prune the shrub during an unideal time, you might end up losing the shrub’s bloom or fruit of the year. So when is it ideal to prune shrubs?

  • For flowering shrubs that bloom in the early spring, prune them right after blooming
  • For flowering shrubs that bloom in the summer, prune them in the early spring
  • For non-flowering shrubs, prune after the event of new growth in the shrubs.

Angle the snip properly

Assess first your shrub and make sure that you set apart the growth that doesn’t suit your shrub. For more air and sunlight coverage within the shrub, prune the branch right above the new growth of the branch. Angle the snip properly. You wouldn’t want the cut to be too flat, too high or too angular. This will influence the following growth of the branch. Use a 45-degree angle cut with the lowest part the farthest from the new growth. The cleaner the cut, the faster your shrub heals.

Use the proper tools for pruning shrubs

Using the proper tools also makes pruning easier. Prepare your tools beforehand. Look at the equipment and assess the sharpness or bluntness of the blade. If your shrubs are higher than expected, invest in good pruning equipment that can reach higher heights.

  • Pruning shears can prune branches of up to ¾ inches in thickness.
  • Loppers can handle thicker branches and twigs of up to 2.5 inches in thickness.
  • Pruning saws have different capacities. Some can handle 1.5 inches while other pruning saws can cut as much as 5 inches thickness.
  • Pole pruners can reach higher places. Some can reach up to 8 feet high and can cut as much as 1.25 in diameter. Pole pruners need regular maintenance with oil. Check the blades for rust too.


Easy pruning comes with the proper preparation before pruning the shrubs. To make pruning more manageable, know your shrub first. Check your tools for sharper blades for smaller cutters and well-lubricated mechanisms for the pole pruners. When you snip during the ideal season, angle properly with around 45 degrees in its cut. Contact arborists to make sure that your shrubs are growing well.

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