What is a Level 5 Arborist?

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Tree Removal

Anyone with the right tools and experience in cutting a tree or its branches can call themselves arborists. However, not everyone who calls themselves so qualifies and is legally recognised as an arborist. 

What is a Level 5 Arborist?

Level 5 arborist is the highest Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) that anyone in the arborist industry can obtain. Level 5 arborists are fully knowledgeable and highly-qualified when it comes to tree-related jobs. That means they have the license to remove and cut trees and the training to do so safely and efficiently. Level 5 Arborists are also aware of the factors that prohibit them from removing a tree. As tree experts, they also have a say whether it’s best to remove the tree, or save it, or relocate it instead. 

Qualified Arborist vs Tree Lopper

The main difference between an arborist and a tree lopper is the qualifications and expertise to perform tree-related jobs. 

A tree lopper does not have any qualifications and experience to perform safe tree removal and pruning. That’s why their services are cheaper and poorly done. Moreover, they are not knowledgeable about the various tree species and which trees are protected. Thus, you’re at risk of breaching council regulations when you hire incompetent tree loppers. 

What you want for your trees are fully qualified arborists. AFQ Level 5 arborists are tree professionals who study the structure and function of trees. They are well-versed in identifying the species of trees and whether the Australian government deem them significant and protected. Thus, they don’t perform hasty tree removal and pruning. They oversee the tree’s overall health first before doing anything to them. That’s what makes all the difference.

Importance of Hiring a Level 5 Arborist For Your Trees

Level 5 arborists are professionals when it comes to anything related to trees. So, your trees are in safe hands when you let level 5 arborists handle them. Fully qualified arborists can perform the following services impeccably.

Tree Pruning

Fully qualified arborists can properly and safely prune trees to keep the health and appearance of trees uninjured. These arborists can carry out pruning techniques in the safest and strategic manner possible to prevent any accidents. They can also maximise tree pruning to reduce wind resistance and improve accessibility.

Tree Removal

Tree cutting and removal is a dangerous job. It requires the right equipment and skills to handle bulky and heavy trees. That’s why level 5 arborists are perfect for the job. They underwent training to safely and efficiently cut down trees to reduce hazards, especially in high-traffic public spaces.

Offer Tree Advice

Because they are knowledgeable about trees, you can ask and consult with Level 5 arborists regarding the condition of your trees. You can also ask them for pieces of advice regarding the type of trees that are best for your yard should you want to have one in the future.  

Oversee Tree Health

Professional arborists considers the overall health of your tree. They can help you control pests and diseases that take a toll on the wellness of your trees. Moreover, level 5 arborists can also help improve the health of your tree by enhancing the factors that affect it, such as the condition of the soil and levels of nutrients, water, and sunlight.

Provide Long-term Tree Management Plan

Trees can last for a long time. That’s if you take care of them and manage them so that they remain healthy and stable. Level 5 arborists can help you with that. They can create long-term plans for trees growing in public areas so that they can give them the proper care and maintenance that they need.

Professional Tree Services in Sydney

Trees Down Under is one of the most reputable companies for tree removal and garden services in Sydney. We have been in the industry for more than 30 years now and our team of professionals have remained dedicated to our crafts. We have a team of level 5 arborists who can skilfully perform quality tree removal services for your yard. 

Our highly-qualified arborists possess the right tools and equipment to do the job right the first time. At Trees Down Under, we always strive to provide you with safe, efficient, and quality services. More than that, no other companies offer professional services like ours at a cheap and affordable price.  

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