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How Much Do Palm Tree Removal Services Cost in Sydney?

Australia is home to as many as 50 species of Palm Trees. These trees can grow to as much as 10 meters high. Others, on the other hand, can grow as tall as 30 meters high. While palm trees are generally good to look at or enticing to grow, it might get too challenging to maintain in the long run. These plants can grow into a giant that’s quite difficult to manage. 

When it’s time to let your palm tree go, you’ll need your trusted tree removalists to handle this.

There are plenty of tree removalists around for you. However, Trees Down Under can do a top-notch removal for the palm trees you want gone. After all, you’ll want experts handling your tree matters at home. On top of that, you might want to consider the price tag that comes along the tree removal services you need. 

Maintaining a tree is not cheap. The same goes for removing it. You might want to ask, how much are tree removal services, really?

There are factors to consider in breaking down the expenses of tree removals in Sydney. These considerations will vary the bucks you’ll need to shell out to remove the palm tree in your property. 

Size of palm tree

Palm trees can grow really high. They can also grow really thick around the trunk. This factor is the biggest factor in handling tree removal services. Larger trees tend to cost more because your tree removalists need more work and more time to remove the tree from your property. For smaller palm trees, a simple chainsaw might do the trick. However, the larger the palm tree, the more equipment and time your tree removal team needs to take it off the ground. 

Location of the palm tree

Palm trees can grow in different locations. The normal scenarios would be a palm tree growing gradually in your backyard. However, truthfully, palm trees can grow in other different settings. Maybe the palm tree you want to remove is in a really dense area filled with other plants. Moreover, different areas and locations add more council fees. Different regions might also charge different additional fees for the required paperwork in the tree removal job.

Transportation and distance

Cutting down the tree is one thing. Removing it completely and transporting it for disposal is another. You can’t just leave a tree that’s taken out in your backyard to eventually rot and disappear. It will give more complications to your property sooner. Transportation and distance add to the cost of the service. The farther the site is, the more time and work it takes to bring the tree, the more it will cost.

Other external factors

There are other factors that affect a tree removal service. You might want to consider thinking about hiring more people to handle the job. This is more necessary for trees that are really big in size. Another factor is the time and urgency of the service. 24-hour tree removalists cost more depending on the time of the day you book them. Emergency tree service removals will also cost more due to the urgency the service demands from the available team. 

Other factors that you might want to consider before making your booking appointment are:

  • Type of palm tree
  • Safety measures
  • Additional people to do the job
  • Other added services you want


There is not a single price that can fit any palm tree removal job. All tree removals are unique. You can estimate how much your tree removal job is by asking us a quotation. We will gladly give you an estimate of how much removing your palm tree will cost you. You can get your free quotation here.

Trees Down Under has been around for more than three decades. We have provided tree services to anybody who has called us in need. As a team with more experiences than most, we can take care of your palm tree for you. All you need to do is to contact us. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we are here for you!

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