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Popular Industrial Garden Design Trends to Watch this 2020

The advent of the information age and the fourth industrial revolution gave birth to the modern and sophisticated Sydney lifestyle. Despite the fast-paced way of life and the rise of different industries, gardening remained to be a passion for many. Hence, various garden trends have become more inclined towards industrial elements and landscapes.

Moreover, gardening is among the best stress relievers and healthy activities for your whole family. Even with an industrial unit or a yard surrounded by debris and unkempt spots, your dream garden is still possible with the help of a few landscaping and industrial garden design.

With that said, here are popular industrial garden design trends to look out for this 2020.

Steel and Stone

Most industrial landscapes incorporate steel and stone elements. Besides, gardens are no exemption, as more and more backyards are reusing metal plates as planter boxes and boulders as rock stairs or pathways. 

Furthermore, you can utilise materials such as copper coils, rockeries, statues, and metal fans as water and landscape elements. Complementing them with the right vegetation and floral choice will surely highlight a rustic and vintage subject to your backyard.

Native Plant Selection

One of the primary functions of an industrial garden is to combat environmental pollution and to spruce up commercial green space. Since these landscapes play a critical role in minimising dust while maintaining pleasant aesthetics, you need to rely on resilient and visually appealing plants.

A practical way to ensure attaining both qualities is by opting for native plant selections. Native flowers such as Waratahs and Spotted Emu Bush are resilient against Sydney’s temperate climate and are excellent complementary plants for any industrial garden design.

Salvage Yard Landscapes

Most factories and industrial facilities have a salvage yard lying around, collecting scrap metal and junk materials. If you’re the type who looks at silver linings, then you would love to reclaim a salvage yard into a garden.

Adding a few garden elements while keeping most of your salvage yard untouched will underline a raw industrial beauty with bursting colours brought by native flowers and natural garden elements and wildlife. With the right combination of rustic metal and natural objects, you can create a new life out of unwanted by-products.

Water Features and Scrap Metal

Contemporary and modern industrial garden designs include the integration of scrap metal and industrial objects with water features, such as mini-fountains and flowing ponds. Using submersible pumps and creating a miniature waterfall ornamented with metal plates and sculptures are becoming popular, to reuse industrial rubbish.

Furthermore, the presence and sound of flowing water in an industrial garden are refreshing and relaxing ‒ especially for people who’d love to take a rest around industrial gardens. Also, water features such as bird baths are essential for wildlife to flourish. After all, you’d love the presence of chirping birds giving life to your floral refuge.

LED Outdoor Lighting

Landscaping your garden to make use of natural light is one thing, and having outdoor lighting for the dark is another. Artificial outdoor lighting is becoming a massive trend, thanks to advanced LED waterproofing technologies and a more extensive colour range.

Using specific colour tones that showcase a vintage mood will best complement the rustic features of an industrial garden. Moreover, you can use LED strips to draw the boundaries and outlines of your garden and its structures. 

LED downlights are also excellent choices for your path walks since they don’t emit light directly to your eyes. Instead, they fill the ground with a warm tone, revealing an ethereal route that’s only visible in the night. 

Aside from that, installing an adequate amount of lighting will be beneficial for your safety during outdoor camps and family gatherings at night.


Gardening around an industrial facility or at your backyard is a small step in curbing pollution levels and improving the charm of your space at the same time. For commercial spaces, installing an industrial garden can help provide coolness for workers who needs a respite from the daily grind.

Your green space or salvage yard has a lot of potential in becoming an oasis on Sydney’s temperate climates. For your garden needs, Trees Down Under is the only partner you’ll need for your industrial garden landscapes.

You can place your trust on us in making your dream garden a reality. Call us now on 0475 463 597, and we’ll respond with a free estimate. We are the perfect solution to all your budget-friendly garden and landscaping needs.

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