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Situations Where Emergency Tree Removal is Necessary

The diverse community of trees in Sydney are known to be sturdy and elegant throughout its growth. It gives shade, beauty, fruits, and oxygen for a more refreshing atmosphere in the city. However, it weakens and falls overtime– a situation that makes it risky and needs to get removed.

Aside from falling, other potential risks of trees can cause serious threats to your family and properties. In a situation like this, an emergency tree removal is needed. 

An emergency tree removal is considered when there is an imminent threat to happen or the situation needs it. Although the immediate action won’t require permission in most cases, you might pay higher due to the risks it brings.

But safety matters over any amount of expense. With that, let’s create a clear line on what situations do emergency tree removal becomes necessary.

Damage to Property

It’s amazing to witness trees near your home lasting for decades and it’s not so uncommon. But like any other living creatures, it ages, eventually perishes and becomes a witness of the past.

Due to aging, large branches can suddenly fall and shatter your windshield. Same with the situation, a whole old tree can even drop and strike your house leaving a dent on the roof.

When trees threaten the safety of your property, emergency tree removal is deemed. Aside from damaging your property, it can inflict injuries and even loss of life.

Diseased Trees

Infections to trees can weaken its safeguard, and allows pests to inhabit the trees. Aside from looking bad, a diseased tree starts to rot and can fall anytime. When you find trees dying or showcasing symptoms of an infected tree near your place, it’s best to get them removed.

Mostly, it’s not advisable to remove these trees on your own. You need a professional arborist to handle it to avoid the spread of the disease across the neighbouring trees.

Storm Stricken Trees

The harsh weather conditions from severe storms can cause damages to trees, and the signs are not apparent to any laypersons. Hence, a storm cleanup is necessary to ensure everything is safe.

Professional arborists and other reputable companies can conduct a storm cleanup in your area. Cleanups from this professional personnel can identify potentially hazardous trees. Also, they can help you get rid of the debris, fallen branches, leaves and more.

Trees Across Powerlines

Your powerlines have to be far enough from the surrounding trees. Bush fire and electrocution are possible when foliage outgrowth and branches are falling on the powerlines.

Also, uprooted trees can damage underground services. That’s why the seven-metre distance of poles to trees are required. From these serious risks, it needs immediate tree removal.

Blocking Roads, Paths

It’s difficult to imagine a tree would fall in front of you while driving. In this situation, it poses risks to all passers-by and congests the road. Thus, emergency tree removal is necessary as soon as possible.

Selling Property

In times that you need to move to another place, selling your home is beneficial. However, trees might alter the design of your landscapes and reduce potential buyers.

In order to maximise the selling price, emergency tree removal is necessary. Such a move, you’ll surely restore the beauty of your property and attracts numerous buyers.


Trees are the most spectacular plants in any place you go, yet situations arise that you need to remove them. Even the sturdiest trees suffer damage from extreme weather conditions and aging. So it’s natural that trees weaken and fall that can cause havoc and injuries.

Moreover, scenarios when trees are diseased, damaged, placed near powerlines and even block roads are considered urgent and need emergency tree removal. On top of everything, you can avoid these situations when you take care of the trees surrounding you. 

At Trees Down Under, we can ensure the safety of your family from any mishaps that trees can bring. We can remove decayed trunks, dying or diseased trees, storm-damaged trees, severely cracked or even overgrowing trees in your area.

For any help on emergency tree removal services, please call us on 0475 463 597.

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