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The Importance of Tree Pruning

In the eyes of a regular tree-owner, pruning is no different from trimming. But for an expert arborist, proper pruning is the cornerstone in tree maintenance. Tree pruning has a direct impact on a tree’s health and structure. 

Every cut made on a tree has the potential to either promote growth and health or damage and shorten a tree’s lifespan. Here are some importance of tree pruning and why you should do it properly.

Tree Pruning for Aesthetics

Trees make up the highlights and the crown of residential and commercial landscapes. A lush garden topped with a healthy canopy allows for more enjoyable barbecues and outdoor family bondings. It also gives your property a rejuvenating shade against the blazing Sydney Summer.

In terms of aesthetics, pruning is primarily applied to shape trees or foliage and level up the landscape. Additionally, proper pruning will improve the tree’s form and beauty by strengthening the limb and canopy structure, giving the landscape more natural light.

Most importantly, a healthy tree is a beautiful tree, as it is naturally lush and aesthetically pleasing. However, shaping the tree in complicated forms that require excessive pruning will permanently damage the branches and instead shorten your tree’s life.

Tree Pruning for Structure

Younger trees need proper pruning too. This helps the trees develop a robust structure and grow in desirable forms. A tree that gets appropriate routine pruning while it is young will need less excessive trimming as it matures.

Another technique in structural pruning is called Vista Pruning. This involves a careful structural pruning to reveal desired views from different vantage points, from a window or porch. Vista pruning allows landscapes to maintain a natural look and create visual access to lakes, distant landscapes, or other landmarks.

Furthermore, pruning is vital for tree crops. When these trees develop an overgrowth, particularly on their canopy, the foliage blocks sunlight and air from reaching the middle and ground sections. The lack of airflow and sunlight will impede the proper growth, that’s why freeing up the canopy from excess branches will promote better structure.

Tree Pruning for Safety

Unlike their wild counterparts, trees situated in residential areas have less freedom. Weak or dead branches can fall off at any time, which is fine in forest areas, but they can cause a serious safety hazard to people in urban areas.

Moreover, trees near households or sidewalks should be assessed for safety. Pruning the trees along pedestrian paths will prevent the branches from falling on a heavy storm and harm pedestrians. That’s why pruning should be done as it decreases the chances of accidents. 

Branches that are inching towards utility lines should also be pruned by professional arborists. Trying to prune without proper tools and knowledge can lead to tree failure and expensive damage costs.

Aside from preventing safety hazards, pruning also improves sanitation and encourages a safer environment. Hedges and bushes that do not regularly undergo pruning can attract snakes, scorpions, spiders, etc., making your landscape a dangerous situation for kids to play around.

Tree Pruning for Health

More than aesthetics and safety, a proper prune will promote fruit yield in fruit-bearing trees. Additionally, pruning also helps to make sure that fruits are equally distributed on the tree.

Furthermore, pruning also ensures the longevity of a tree. Naturally, trees that are properly pruned regularly tend to last longer than those that do not. One reason is that pruning eliminates infested and dead branches, preventing further infection and spreading of plant diseases. 


More than keeping your landscape lush and pristine, tree pruning offers an improvement for a tree’s structure and its overall health. It is also a maintenance and safety check that’s significantly important for foliages within residential and commercial areas.

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