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What Does a Tree Arborist Do & Why Are They Important

We’ve known for a long time how important trees are to the environment. But we don’t realise how important it is to maintain their health to reach their full potential.

Trees have significantly contributed to the well-being of the human species and other living creatures. And to reap the full benefits of trees, they should be cared for and maintained regularly. But who can best provide the care they require?

Most people have heard of tree surgeons. But, fewer people know about an arborist and how important their role is to the overall health of the trees. 

What exactly is an arborist and what role do they play in tree care? If you want to maximise your trees’ potential, here’s what you need to know about an arborist in Sydney.

What is an Arborist?

Arborists, also known as arboriculturists, are experts in the field of arboriculture. Arboriculture deals with the cultivation and management of trees. Meaning, an arborist focuses on the overall health and safety of the trees. 

Arborists, unlike foresters and loggers, work in communities where people live, play, and work. Their work encompasses not only the entire landscape ecosystem but also large and complex trees.

What Does a Tree Arborist Do?

Arborists are called to assess the condition of trees or plants. Numerous people work with trees. But, arborists, on the other hand, are trained and certified in providing care and maintenance of trees.

An arborist diagnoses potential diseases and makes recommendations on how to properly care for and maintain the plants. That’s because trees, just like any living creature, require proper care and nutrition to stay healthy. 

Aside from that, professional arborist offers a variety of tree services including:

Tree Pruning

Aside from the strong structure and desirable form, tree pruning is essential in the development of a tree. Trees that are properly pruned when they are young require less corrective pruning as they grow older.

Apart from that, when trees are pruned properly, it helps boost a tree’s flowering and fruit production.

Tree Trimming

When it concerns your tree’s aesthetics, an arborist performs tree trimming. This will help in keeping a tree’s desirable shape and appearance especially a tree with uneven growth. 

Tree Removal

The primary reason for tree removal is frequently safety. When a tree poses a safety hazard to people or property, it should be removed right away. And, if you believe the tree is dead or there is an impending storm, leave the task to a reliable tree arborist. 

So, if you notice any of the following issues with your trees, let a certified arborist do their job.

  1. Uprooted tree. When a tree is uprooted, the root system, crown, and, in some cases, the trunk can sustain significant damage. Some trees have roots that are both deep and wide. And the primary cause is uprooting.
  1. Diseased tree. The disease is a major cause of tree death. We may not realise a tree is infected until irreversible damage has occurred. For proper tree assessment, don’t hesitate to look for a reliable tree arborist.
  1. Encroaching tree. The roots of nearby trees can cause damage to a house or building’s foundation. Apart from that, growing branches may also obstruct power lines or other utilities. Trees that cause such problems should be maintained properly.
  1. Damaged tree. Regardless of how healthy you believe your trees are, they are subject to unavoidable damage. For example, severe or inclement weather, as well as lightning, can cause tree damage.

Stump Grinding

A stump is the remains of a tree trunk. If you want to get rid of it, grinding the stump is the most efficient and effective method of removing the stump. Unlike stump removal, it does not necessitate the removal of all of the tree’s roots.

An arborist will use a stump grinder to shave the remaining trunk of the tree. This process will leave a hole in your yard. 

Other tree care and maintenance services

While trees provide numerous advantages to people, they can also cause harm if left unattended. For instance, they have the potential to encroach on power lines and people’s houses. They may also cause damage during severe weather, resulting in power outages and potentially dangerous collapses. 

So, if you require emergency tree services, an arborist will be able to assist you right away. Whether it’s tree pruning, structure, or aesthetic reasons, arborists provide appropriate solutions.

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