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Tree Removal Inspections: 5 Things You Need To Know

Anyone who has a tree in their yard understands its threat to their household and neighbours and passersby. Removing an old tree is the most sensible solution because there are significant risks of falling branches that could damage utility lines and pose a safety hazard.

However, the tree removal process is a hazardous project in and of itself. Taking down a massive tree safely and efficiently requires access to specialised equipment and highly trained arborists.

A professional team on top of your tree removal process will thoroughly inspect the tree and its immediate vicinity to determine the safest way to get rid of it. Before you head out and seek any arborist, here are five things you need to know about tree removal inspections.

Tree Removal Must Be Your Final Option

Before thinking about having a professional cut down your tree, understand that tree maintenance can improve your tree’s health and add value to your property.

Trees also support the local wildlife and minimise safety risks as long as they are well-maintained.

Calling a contractor with a chainsaw will most certainly recommend tree removal right off the bat. You need a certified tree arborist who knows what’s best for your tree, depending on its health and structure.

In other words, arborists will recommend available alternatives to preserve your tree, which are typically more affordable than tree removal. They will inspect the tree’s health and treat underlying diseases that would restore its health without cutting it down.

Removal Contractors vs. Arborists

A tree removal’s estimated cost will depend on several factors, such as equipment and labour. But if the process isn’t executed safely and efficiently, you might pay extra if the tree falls down on the wrong spot, damages your or your neighbours’ property, or harms anyone nearby.

There’s more than one way to cut down trees, and risks or costs vary significantly. Specialist arborists have extensive knowledge and experience removing old trees without damaging your property or nearby trees.

Remember that tree removal can be complicated or easy, depending on the tree type or location. If a contractor cuts the tree trunk right at the base, expect a fast and cheap project with drastically higher risks.

As the country faces consecutive climate disasters and storms, we expect the demand for tree removal and qualified arborists to rise. But that said, be careful of contractors advertising door to door to offer cheap tree removal, as certified specialists and trained arborists don’t practice this.

We highly recommend calling proven arborists who strictly abide under safety standards to help you protect your property and assets throughout the tree removal project.

Tree Removal Regulations

An enormous green old tree typically equates to longer red tape. While you technically own the trees rooted in your property, the decision to have them removed doesn’t always fall under your hands.

Some states and cities can legally intervene and regulate tree removal projects. That means homeowners need to acquire inspection certifications and permits before taking down their trees.

Depending on your suburb, you may need to seek approval from your homeowners’ association. A certified and time-tested arborist should assist you with all the permits and schedule a convenient hour for your tree removal project.

Stump Removal and Lumber Cutting

Your yard should be clean of any eyesore after a tree removal project. That’s why you should partner with an arborist who would get rid of the stump and any unwanted debris from your yard.

In terms of the tree lumber, your arborist should give you options on whether to get rid of it with a chipper or cut it down to firewood. Feel free to call us at 0475 463 597 to discover your tree removal options and a free quote.

Hazard on Nearby Vegetation & Property

When a tree or its limb falls, it can damage the owner’s yard and the neighbour’s property. If you think your old tree poses a risk to a nearby tree, yard, or property, we recommend seeking professional help to file a request for tree removal and a certified letter.

Having a letter will act as a financial safety net if the project ultimately damages your property. You can use it to proceed with your insurance claims.

In a nutshell, the tree removal process should be straightforward and affordable if you have a trusted partner on your back. If you have an old and barren tree in your yard, Trees Down Under is here to respond 24/7.

Call our team on 0475 463 597, and discuss your tree removal request. We’ll respond with a free estimate. We are the perfect solution to all your budget-friendly garden and landscaping needs.

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