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Types of Fallen Tree Damage & What You Should Do

Fallen trees often result from severe weather or strong winds. But whatever the cause is, dropped trees or branches bring a great deal of damage and inconvenience.

This unfortunate situation can affect properties and people significantly. To understand more, we’ve listed the common types of fallen tree damage and what you should do to prevent them.

Damage to Property, Building or Structure

A fallen tree can cause destructive damage to buildings and structures. There are various reasons why trees fall. Some may be unavoidable, while others are preventable. 

Trees falling due to heavy winds or storms are out of your hands. However, fallen trees caused by pests and human error are often manageable. 

Keep your trees in good condition and avoid sudden falling issues by taking preventive measures. Another best way to avert the damages from fallen trees and branches is to refer your concern to an expert arborist. 

The professionals will inspect every part of your tree, including the ground where it’s standing. They can classify trees with a high risk of falling and perform tree removal to prevent building or structure damages. 

Feel free to ask for recommendations as some trees may not need complete removal. Dead or damaged trees are often the ones you need to take care of, especially when they’re standing near houses or other structures.  

Automobile Damage

When a tree suddenly falls on your car or other types of vehicle, it may cause significant damage and leave you frustrated. 

Any automobile parked outside, especially those that are near trees, are susceptible to damages. Fortunately, you can turn to a licensed arborist to identify which trees bring great hazards to vehicle parking areas. 

During a storm or severe weather condition, it is advisable to park your vehicle indoors to avoid damages from a fallen tree. Although it is not always possible, it’s one of the best ways to make yourself at ease during such times. 

Road & Trail Closure

Fallen trees and slump branches are among the most common causes of blocked roads and trails. This situation often happens after a heavy storm, making emergency responses quite difficult. 

Moreover, fallen trees bring a series of inconveniences. Not only does it restrict access to emergency response personnel, but also it blocks cars and other vehicles from passing the way. 

It’s best to remove or trim trees that impose threats of road and trail blockage. Tree removal will help you ensure safety and accessibility at all times. 

Power Interruption

Power lines can also incur damages due to fallen trees. When a tree or branch falls on electrical cables during a storm, it can disrupt the power connection. 

The loss of electricity supply can significantly affect homes and businesses. In worst cases, it may lead to food spoilage, data loss, and other problems. 

Removing trees that may damage electrical connections is necessary to prevent outages. Ask a qualified arborist in Sydney to do the job for you safely. 

Injury & Death

Although not common, injuries and death can also result from fallen trees or branches. Most unfortunate incidents occur when people are inside their homes, and a tree suddenly drops on them. 

There are also instances of injuries and deaths outdoors, usually during severe weather. It is essential to ensure you’re in a safe place when a strong wind or storm strikes. 

Prevent Fallen Tree Damage with Tree Care and Removal

Trees need care and maintenance to remain sturdy and healthy. The best way to avoid fallen tree damages is to apply preventive measures. 

Regular inspection will help you know the condition of your trees, especially those that are only a couple of metres away from your house or building. Ask an expert arborist to do this for you as they know the proper techniques for tree care. 

If there’s a need to remove a tree for your safety, your arborist will tell you and do the removal job as well. When you see a fallen tree, whether it has caused damages or not, take action right away and remove it from the site. 

Your best option for tree care and removal is to call a trusted arborist in Sydney. What you need is Trees Down Under to come and perform an exceptional tree removal service for you. 

We are always up and coming for any tree services. If you want to keep your property and trees safe, we can do careful inspections and preventive measures to prevent fallen tree damages. 

Tree care and removal is our specialty. Call us for professional assistance on tree-related issues. 

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