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What Makes a Garden Visually Appealing?

Gardening is a passion that can be overwhelming in many ways. There are hundreds of flowers to mix and match that can stand the Sydney climate, as well as several popular garden landscape ideas to choose from. Vegetable gardens are also becoming popular as more people want to forage their food right outside their doorstep.

If you look at the bigger picture, you’ll realise that flowers aren’t the only ones that make a garden visually appealing. Gardens also follow the philosophy of “form follows function”, and that’s why there are several factors that contribute to your garden’s aesthetics.

Along those lines, here are different elements that make your garden visually appealing:


A garden’s visual appeal can be improved by adding dimensions and depth. This is a vital element if you want to grow plants vertically. Old structures and wood frames can be used as an ornament to grow vines and cucumbers. These structures are essential in your garden’s function as a potential food supply, wildlife habitat, and a learning or leisure environment.

Also, you can establish your garden’s theme by adding objects and landscape colours that complement your chosen theme. Repurposing discarded or broken items is a practical way to improve your garden’s aesthetics and help the environment at the same time.

In addition, you can also add landscape structures such as sandpits, wildlife ponds, and swings to give your children an enjoyable playing and learning environment. Keeping in mind, of course, that some of these suggestions can increase your overall workload. Construction, making a pond vacuum, regular maintenance, etc.

Besides structure and other landscape, another important element to consider is the very heart of a garden ‒ its plants.

Flowers And Plant Choice

A backyard can’t become a garden without plants and flowers. Flowers in full bloom will improve your garden’s beauty and attract pollinators. Flowering herbs are also good choices since you can use their leaves as spices.

Aside from that, choosing the right plants and planting them during ideal seasons ensure that you get the most out of your garden ‒ both in aesthetics and food supply. Plants and flowers should also complement the structures and landscape. So think about how your flowers will blend with the background and surrounding plants, or how it will help highlight particular parts of your garden.

Also, avoid planting too much to the point where you don’t have enough space to move. That puts us to the next vital factor.


The pathways garden beds and plots will be visible when the flowers and plants are in full bloom, that’s why you don’t want this space to be an eyesore. Moreover, a sunrise stroll in your garden can be inconvenient if you are stepping on muddy terrain.

The main paths through your garden should be around one metre wide, so you can move around comfortably. Additionally, you can make it mud-proof by using different materials. If you have broken tiles lying around after a home renovation, you can use them on top of concrete as well.

Furthermore, you can also use other materials for your pathways, depending on what complements your landscape. You can use gravel to match your driveway. There are also beautiful pathways made of brick, stone, straw, mulch, and even grass, in rural areas.

But of course, after a few minutes of walking and standing, you’d want to have something in your garden to sit on. That makes this final element just as essential.


Every garden owner should have a spot to sit and enjoy the beauty of their hard work and to reflect on nature. Seatings and tabletops are also used to fill in areas that get more shade than the rest of the garden. Additionally, you can add small plants and succulents to make your benches and tables more inviting.

Also, seatings and furniture made from stone, wood, or metal fit the overall aesthetics better than chairs made of plastic. Not only does plastic look artificial, but natural and organic materials are also environmental-friendly.

With careful planning and understanding all these factors, you can turn your small roadside garden into a head-turner.


There are a lot of other factors to consider, but the ones we mentioned are vital in making your garden visually appealing. You can use them in different themes and styles depending on your taste and popular design trends. Always remember that form will always follow function.

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