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What Other Services are Included in Tree Removal?

Trees are without a doubt, one of the most wonderful sites to look at. A relaxing mood and cool afternoon atmosphere can be drawn from such pleasant scenery. However, let us take a guess. You probably had an amazing tree in mind with full green leaves attached to healthy branches. Your tree must’ve been one that has a straight and sturdy trunk standing tall and proud with a well-maintained crown and enough subtle sunlight for natural lighting.

In most cases, trees can actually cause damage and may become a source of some problems in the future. This especially applies to big growing trees that also become more difficult to cultivate with passing time. This is where you need our tree removal services. At Trees Down Under, we remove your dying trees for you as best as possible. Moreover, we also have other services that go with tree removal processes.

Here are some of the other services we offer alongside our tree removals:

1. Planting

Ironically, besides tree removals where we get rid of your trees, we also offer tree planting services. Planting can be a bit tricky. Knowing the aspects and factors to consider in planting your next shrubs or wood require more than just choosing which plants you want to plan. Our team of arborists can suggest and plant your next tree for you with the best conditions at mind.

2. Crown thinning

Have you ever seen trees that look too heavy and are filled with too many leaves and branches that barely any light can pass through? Our crown thinning services can save your tree by removing selected branches and twigs to make sure that more light can pass through. This makes the crown density of your trees less and will make your trees more well-kept, also making the air flow more freely around.

3. Tree Pruning

Have you ever considered giving your trees a little trim just to shapen up or to grow it in healthier structure? Our tree pruning services do just that. From time to time, your trees might need not a complete removal to avoid certain dangers i.e. damaging powerlines. It just needs a trim to make its environment safer and away from potential harms around. Even better, the tree’s natural structure is still intact so your trees will look the same, albeit, more groomed and safer to the area around.

4. Pollarding

There are ways to make your tree live longer and healthier. One of the techniques for that is pollarding your trees. With pollarding, we remove the upper branches of your trees and leave a trunk ready for the growth of new pollard branches. New stems that emerge from pollards grow much slower for the coming years.

5. Emergency tree removal

We offer tree removal services 24 hours a day. We can answer your calls for emergency tree removals. Emergencies can cause panic and hysteria, luckily, you don’t have to worry about having somebody available across Sydney for emergency tree removal needs. We can do that for you!

About Trees Down Under

Besides our tree removal services, we also offer a variety of other services only for your trees. Have you been thinking about giving your tree a good trim for a while now? Do you want to clear out space between those branches for more airy flows in your backyard? Don’t be shy!

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