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What to Do When a Tree Falls On Your House

Trees can suddenly fall due to various reasons. Whether the tree in your backyard topples over because of the storm, strong winds, old age, poor ground foundation, or decay due to pests and diseases, the result would be the same: a disaster. 

Fallen trees can cause accidents and injuries to people and pets. They can also damage to properties such as cars, buildings, and houses where they fall. When a tree lands on your house, immediate action must be taken to ensure the safety of everyone in the house and prevent further damage to your possessions. 

What to Do When a Tree Falls On Your House

So, what do you do when a tree falls on your house? Here are a few measures you can take when that happens.

Leave the house immediately

Your family must always be ready for emergency situations and must be familiar with the evacuation plan. In this kind of emergency, the safety of you and your family must be your top priority. So, everyone in the house should know how to make their way out fast and safely.

You must have an ever-ready emergency bag containing food supplies, money, car keys, and important documents. This would be helpful, especially if the tree falls during a typhoon. Make sure also to lock the doors, especially if there is considerable damage to your house that could take longer to get fixed.

Don’t try to fix your roof

In case a tree crashes on your house, working to fix your roof is not advisable because it’s dangerous. The structure may not be able to withstand your weight and collapse. Furthermore, during a rainstorm, the roof can be slippery and there is always the possibility that you can get struck by lightning. 

Contact Emergency Hotlines

Contact your local emergency service providers as soon as you’re safe. Tell them what happened and stay put. They know better how to handle this kind of emergency, and they have the right personnel to deal with the problems such as fire and electrical dangers.

Call your insurance company

This measure is to help you deal with the expenses brought about by damages to your house. Your insurance company may cover the damage and even have the fallen tree removed from your premise.

Remove the fallen tree

If the weather outside is nice, you may opt to have the tree removed immediately. You can either do it on your own and rent a yard-waste dumpster. Or, you may have it professionally removed by tree removal services in your area. 

Reconstruct your house

You wouldn’t want to live in a deformed house, correct? So, immediately contact your reliable contractor when it’s safe to have your house and roof fixed. For damages that are irreparable, it would be best to have these parts replaced and reconstructed to ensure structural integrity. 

Tree Removal Services in Sydney

Removing a fallen tree in your yard is already a difficult thing to do. What more if there are significant damages done to your properties when the tree lands on your house. There would also be collateral damages to take care of aside from just having the tree removed.

Trees Down Under offers reliable and efficient tree removal services in Sydney. With over 30 years in the industry, our team of professional and skilled tree fellers can take away the hassle of removing a fallen tree from you, so you can focus on the renovation of your disfigured home.

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