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Who is Liable for Fallen Trees or Branches in Sydney?

Trees deteriorate and shed branches over time. It may seem natural, but did you know this event happens for various reasons?

Fallen trees and branches may result from a heavy storm, rainfall or human error. Those people or structures on the path of a dropping tree may incur injuries and damages when struck.

Many private and public places include trees to add a nature vibe. But this also means owners become responsible for keeping anyone within the area safe from tree-related accidents.

Risks Brought by Falling Trees or Branches

Trees come in different species and sizes. Some can get huge, making the branches heavier and larger. 

With many large trees growing around Sydney, there’s no doubt that falling trees or branches can be anywhere.

Accidents and deaths from falling trees or huge branches not only happen in wooded areas or campsites. These tragic incidents can also occur in urban areas with deadly tree species. 

In some cases, falling tree accidents happen along walking paths or roadways, imposing great danger to people in the area. Bunya pine, elm, eucalyptus and banksia are some trees that can cause serious injuries when branches fall.  

A person struck by a huge branch falling from a 10-metre or more height can suffer from head, neck or back injuries and other trauma. In the worst cases, anyone can lose their life due to unforeseen tree accidents. 

Who is Responsible for the Damages?

In private spaces, homeowners and other property owners can become at fault for injuries and accidents of fallen trees or branches on their site. Likewise, the State or Local Council may be responsible for the same incidents in public areas.

However, the liability for public injuries is quite complex. It’s because the parties that maintain or own the space are responsible for notifying and protecting the crowd during activities involving hazardous conditions.

Incidents such as falling trees and branches may impact the community significantly. That’s why local councils all across Sydney are giving more attention to trees and tree-related maintenance programs, hoping to prevent accidents while protecting trees simultaneously.

Trees and branches can fall for many reasons — maybe because of their health or a heavy storm. We advise calling a Sydney rubbish removal company for smaller amounts of tree waste such as tree branches or other types of green waste.

Ignoring the condition of a dying tree on your property may hold you liable for damages when branches fall on your neighbour’s roof or fence.

On the other hand, it’s important to consider various factors for damages caused by fallen trees during a storm. Typically, private property owners have insurance policies that may cover tree removal in Sydney.

However, most insurance policies will only accommodate your concerns if there are evident damages to the insured home and contents. You may have to pay for your own removal cost if the fallen tree or branch hasn’t done any harm to your property.

Remember that your insurance may not cover all the risks of tree damage. That’s why it’s vital to understand the scope of your chosen insurance policy, as the coverage may vary from one insurer to another.

Save Yourself from Tree-related Issues

Since you can be liable for the fallen trees or branches on your property, it’s vital to take action to safeguard trees and prevent unfortunate events.

Here’s what you can do to save yourself from the responsibilities of tree-related issues in Sydney:

  • Select trees that will suit the space and climate in your area
  • Conduct timely inspections to ensure that the trees on your site are in good condition
  • Apply pest control and fungal solutions to maintain the health of trees
  • Assess evident damages after heavy storms or winds
  • Regularly trim tree branches to prevent overgrowth
  • Get rid of dead tree branches
  • Remove trees that impose potential safety risks

When in doubt, you can consult an expert arborist in Sydney. You’ve got Trees Down Under in the area willing to back you up anytime.

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